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Morgan B Apr 2015
To die is to know how love is forgotten
When the red goes down the drain
To die is to be unwanted
When the world goes up in flames
To die is to never hear birds sing
When the song is whisked away
To die is not to cry but to be complete
Oh how the stars follow a path
A bunny jumps with nature
When the brain is confused
For earth stays greater
And love is in the form of a tear
And needs are no longer
To die is a peaceful nothing
Something so somber.
Morgan B Apr 2015
Why must one smile to be happy?
Morgan B Dec 2014
What happened to all those,
I love you's,
And I couldn't live without you's?
Are they all just gone?
Morgan B Oct 2014
Today I got my fantasy,
I no longer must wait.
I guess you could call that,
Falling in love too fast.
It was not what I expected.
Not the same person,
Not like the movies,
Not Ur expectations.
It's better.
I once told him please listen to this piece.
He asked why,
I told him that anything could change your life.
And that music changed mine.
That's what I love,
You have this feeling to always help them, and be with them.
I don't know what love is and won't know for a long time
But I'm gratefull to get a glimpse of it.
Morgan B Sep 2014
Do you ever have this feeling?
One that doesn't feel right?
I woke this morning
The air was thick, as if trying to coat some secret
Even hard to breath
The ground was wet with the morning tears of the earth
This negative energy swarms me, stinging my entire body
The bus is silent
As if we were all drones, slaves to the thick air and wet earth
No smiles, no thoughts dancing in the eyes, not even a movement
The glumness I couldn't seem to grasp
Morgan B Sep 2014
How can somebody's exuberant words be so painful to me?
I was on my cloud
My heaven
My peak
I was racing through life with a grin and a soda
The hood down with my hair racing in the wind
The best time of my life should have started
I should have had it
I should
But I dont
A pain that hurts
I have never befoure felt this so strong
I'm loosing
I'm loosing speed
My hair is straight and there is no wind
While everyone passes me with a crazy funnel of happiness
I just don't get why
Why I cannot I have that
I guess I'll have to wait for my momentum to come.....
Morgan B Sep 2014
The raido turns on,
And I'm,
I'm that one girl that doesn't ,
Turn today's hits.
I'm the one,
The one that turns on the Bach suite,
Or escala ,
Or 2 cellos,
Or the Brandenburg concerto ,
Or the piano Guys,
Or philip wesley,
Or the old classic yo yo ma.
I kinda keep it hidden,
Not wanting the odd looks.
So I showed some people my music and as expected it was as if it were a foreign language.
Sure they new how to say bonjour, or merci,
But they didn't understand the beauty of the language,
The fluency or the romantic sound.
So I went to this camp for chamber music.
A room filled with child prodigies,
I stare in awe.
At the all these people,
Just like me,
I'm just like them,
But different.
For we share the love of instruments,
And the genius classical music that these composers wrote.
Yet we are different,
Seeing as how we all enjoy different instruments.
All of us at different levels,
But at the same sense of passion.
I am understood,
And I understand,
That's all a musician could ask for.
I'm not a prodigy lol
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