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Morgan B Aug 2014
Lie on the ground
Relax your
Imagine nothing
Listen to your blood
Pulsing through your body
The tingling sensation
The relaxation
Feel your insides
And your skin
From your brain
To your feet
Feel it pulse
Pulse right through, your body
Morgan B Aug 2014
We are all humans,
trying to fit in.
To please others,
to be liked.
We want  a steryotype at first,
thats untill we understand who we truley are.
There is one thiing that I know for sure,
it is simpley that ,
the meaning of life, for all,
in my thoughts,
are that all we want to be,
                                                     is free.­
Which cannot be done with catagorization.
So don't try to fit in,
be free.
my opinion
Morgan B Aug 2014
Remember when you were young,
And you had to leap on each stepping stone.
Without the excess foot,
landing on the dirt in between.
Nothing would happen besides,
Your shoe getting *****.
You would get a brief moment of disappointment,
Then try again.
Well in life we follow these stepping stones,
And you may miss one of them,
For that excess foot didn't make it.
Though in life there are consequences,
And you must clean off your shoes,
And takes more effort to rid of the disappointment.
So try again.
Morgan B Aug 2014
For my nimble fingers sting,
Yet it is not written in the music.
I must play as if I were Mozart!
I wish to play as Morgan.
A forever battle of who to be.
A blend I suppose.
They use words like double bar and chord,
For I have not the faintest idea what they mean.
As tears well in the corners of the eye,
They do not flow.
Because the only flow,
Is the rhythm of my bow.
I know what the words mean now:)
Morgan B Jul 2014
I day dream about a fantasy.
One that breaks ones sanity.
A young love that wishes to be considered.
One that makes my mind flitter.
Loss of a simple word.
One that makes sentences blurred.
I wish you held me in your arms.
It’s so easy to say with your handsome charms.
I want you to give me my first kiss.
Give me just a moment's bliss.
I wish to exchange pieces of our heart.
We fit together part, by part.
Partners, we could be.
If you could just notice me.
One day,
just maybe,
I will get my fantasy.
Morgan B Jul 2014
The waves come up with a loud smack!
They’re supposed to be lulling...
Ripples rock the boat,
port side starboard,
port side starboard.
I drift off into an enchanting dream.
Quite an annoyance if I might say.
I drift off into a boring dream.
This time sadness of deprived sleep overcomes me.
I drift off,
into a nightmare.
A storm overhead,
people chasing me.
Run! Run!
I hide.
They found me.
Run again.
Hide again.
Port Side starboard,
port Side starboard.
Port side is a sailing term meaning left side of the boat, and starboard means the right side of the boat. The bangs stand for the slapping of the waves.
Morgan B Jul 2014
A happy ending one may seek.
Though every fairytale has it's peak.
When the damsel in distress is taken,
and the civilization is shaken.
So Mr. Prince stands up, with all his might,
And kills the beast with a mighty fight.
The tale ends with true love.
And the wedding bells chime with a white dove.
So madam is protected,
And evil yet again is resurrected.
When the evil queen starts a frenzy for flesh and cannot be sober,
Run, because you evil queen, your reign is over.

not my best but a start

— The End —