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Dec 2018 · 96
Perception of love
Monique Dec 2018
I'll meet you in my dreams somewhere I thought you'd only stay. But through the portal of dreams and reality ;I was awake with my eyes open wide. To you standing right in fornt of me for a limited of time before you were gone again. For those moments I did not know what to do i , couldn't comprehend of this  was intierally true. I reached out for a loving embrace. We stood quiet as how hearts slowed down to the same beat. Your gold watch sparkled as time came to and end. One last time I looked in your eyes I thought this was our last goodbye.

Then every night you appeared in my dreams. the feeling of regret of not kissing you for the one moment you were real. But you crossed though my reality once again.This time not like before you had a fire behind your eyes. Your intentions were clear and firey. I felt the heat of  our passion as we kissed. Yet again time was not on our side , but this time you weren't keeping check... I almost forgot to wake up from my dream but when I woke i was hot to the touch your love burnt me.
Jul 2018 · 305
Monique Jul 2018
I had a secret in my mind,  
that soon someday you would be mine.
Only from afar had I seen you be
but you were always so truly nice to me.
Something told me it was time,
to well and truly cross line and to
close the space between our seperate lives.
The chance was now I could see, my brain was screaming telling me. But when it came to my lips my voice grew weak and as it happened I did not choose to speak.
Jun 2018 · 414
A stare
Monique Jun 2018
I have never felt safer locked in a stare,
Through all your emotions your intentions are clear.
Your gaze goes through me, beyond what i wear; Not after my body to be bare .
Between us theirs a special love that we share.
A love reflected by our eyes as we begin to lose our outwards disguise.
For true love is not blind, but patient and kind .
If it is love, true love we seek the eyes are the windows to the soul not through actions or how we speak.
I look away then back again no hiding for the meek: your stare holds me tightly ,I'm up of my feet.
You know that I'm scared when our eyes are due to meet.
Your faces softens into a smile someone so beautiful, I could gaze for while.
Sep 2015 · 413
Monique Sep 2015
I am a unicorn with a sharp horn prancing around, among the dark sky until dawn.
If you see me what a dream not as magical as i seem, then you wonder where ive been beyond all the mist and steam
As i leave without a sound without a crack or thump upon the ground
i will turn to the fiction book i was found
congrats if u got through that no words to explain
i defiantly took rhyming seriously
Sep 2015 · 397
Monique Sep 2015
Chocolate oh chocolate so yummy
leave it in the sun it will turn into honey
chocolate oh chocolate  you are the best treat
perfect for me to eat
-8 yr old self
Sorry i found this in any old memory box of mine
been writing poetry from the age of 8 haha  must of loved chocolate
Aug 2015 · 188
A True Friend
Monique Aug 2015
True friends are never apart
Maybe in distance but never
        at heart <3
Its not my poem but a scramble of words that touched my heart
Aug 2015 · 152
Life outside of you
Monique Aug 2015
I know we cant see each other its forbidden
Its like we cant cross paths we have to stay hidden
But i still thinking about you all the time
Sometimes i think as if your still mine.
Aug 2015 · 344
Spring (haiku)
Monique Aug 2015
flowers are blooming
after a long hibernation
lush dew melts away
Aug 2015 · 601
Autumn Sadness (Haiku)
Monique Aug 2015
Today is cold crisp
The dead trees are like skeletons
its autumn sadness
Aug 2015 · 241
Monique Aug 2015
After waiting so long
spring, autumn and winter have gone.
Summers kicked in and it's becoming so hot,
its holiday time i could stay inside all day but id rather not.
There's so much to do on a summers day,
its time to embrace the summer YAY!
Aug 2015 · 224
Winter's Here
Monique Aug 2015
Winter's Here
Huddle by the fire,
keep warm.
Winter's here
Outside life is dying,
suffocating under the blanket of snow.
Winter's here
No sound of animals in hibernation,
just crackling of the fire.
Winter's here
Aug 2015 · 269
A Dream
Monique Aug 2015
A Dream
""is this just a dream?""
things here aren't quite what they seem.
""Is the reality somewhere out there?""
or have the two worlds collided just as i've feared.
""am i here lying with you?""
or is that me dreaming of something too good to be true.
""am i thinking out loud? ""
or am i just a poem to you.
Monique Aug 2015
On a hot summers day
when dehydration can make you waste away.
A lemonade stand you see,
and little boy selling yellowish ***.
""would you like some lemonade"" says the boy
""i'm saving up money to buy a new toy"",
$2.00, it better be good.
You take the drink, his eyes smile as he says
""i,i knew you would like it i knew you would"".
thank you for the drink i have some what been craving and i'm glad i could help you with your savings.

— The End —