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Molantwa Mmele Jul 2016
Dulcet melodies came up
From the basement, day and night
The rhythm that fractured silence apart
And rained in my life prettily like rose petals
In the falling of the spring
Her tinny fingers danced gentle on these piano keys
Serenading my soul, laid at peace with thee
She called this place the heart of her serenity
With love she kept it warm and dignified
Sometime ago she went out for draughts. And driven away by illusional views
Perhaps down on the sea promenade, something attractive
Held her hypnotized and possessed
Ever since she left, only silence sings from the basement
She left indelible marks and love notes around the walls, and
No soloist ever bothers to go down there
And stay longer, perhaps, because of her luggage all over the room
And I’m afraid of disposal, if she may come back home
Or emptiness could be too much to handle either
My heart has become, but just an isolated confined basement
Full of gloomy memories, ever since you’ve been gone
It is quiet with sadness down here without you, and
No soloist ever bothers to come and stay longer
Inspired by Na Ngulube on the Tenant
Molantwa Mmele Jul 2016
Held in somber
are my emotions
my heart a shell of anger
a territory of a deadliest demon
I’m possessed

Ghoul spirit hypnotizes my soul
to dance like shadows
and sing in silence like my deceased inner soul

The zombie in the mirror
cannot hear my cry nor feel my pain
there is a storm in my heart

Fear comes cold like a war
wearing my soul weary and worn
in these winter nights

When my mother died of cancer
Eden went desiccated and barren
my soul left famishing
life gave me a new title “Orphan”
and this is when I began to call slums my home
and fed from waste

I was in the womb when my father left
since my mother refused to abort me
and if daddy was a man
I could’ve been fathered
and cuddled like a son
hence I’m not an orphan
I wrote this piece through my observation on what happens daily in our societies...there are many children with mothers but no fathers around, these hypocrites chose to run away from their responsibilities, I wish you no Success in life buddy I don't wanna lie. One day you will cry in regrets when life punishes you for your sins.Let us save and protect CHILDREN from growing with sorrow. they are the future.
Molantwa Mmele Jun 2016
Afear not the prison of the felons
But the prison of the spirit and soul
The heaviness of emptiness
In men’s lives
Suffocates the illumination of elation

Even around human beings
It is rare to find a circle of humanity
Only the centre of silence too loud
We never care

Silence built sturdily amongst mankind
To restrain and strangle the mind in solitude
And fading its peace away

Thus void be called my hearth
Till I embrace the shadows of death
Alone and alone the angels of hollow
Shall cuddle my soul cold
And drag me to the grave

Sing no song of sympathy
Nor thy cold condolences
When I’m gone
For thou shall forget of liberty
And venerate divinities of lonesomeness

When silence sighs alive amongst your souls
Let it not breed
And defeat humanity
Relent not to that kind of wicked war
Let it ebb afar from thy generation
And construct love and care strongly
For my children

For unity is the reliable strength of society
Let it be a custom to keep it firm
Since it takes society to raise a child
Raise them warriors
And patriots of humanity
And thou shall breathe happiness eternally
And love be spread to my people
Molantwa Mmele Jun 2016
As we grew up
Together in the village
As young friends
In those dusty hills

Along the road
Gravity dragged us down
Gentle like autumn leaves
Either to fall in love
Or apart

And Life vicissitudes
And I tried to play my part
From the core of my heart
Not to fall apart

I was a fish falling in love with a bird
Living a dream of a hopeless heart
Impossible to fulfill

And hide and seek
The game we used to play
Down by the river side
And I realized
You’ve been always hiding behind lies
And I wonder why
Molantwa Mmele Jun 2016
Every time I see you
I feel flames in my eyes burning
to blurry my sight
to see you not again
in my way of life

I never realised I hate you this much
you make me feel feeble

when I see you
I melt in fear
like a snowman in the sunshine
my anger boils
like Batrachotoxin
I wish you nothing but decease
you hurt my soul like an evil disease

I hate you

You and I
both supposed to bring light in life
like the sun and the moon
the darkness looms upon
whenever we face each other
flames of anger scald in my eyes
I want to **** you

but the poison in my heart
is killing my soul

Is hatred another way of committing suicide?
Molantwa Mmele Apr 2016
For I shall never
Let you walk the path of the doomed
With a crying song
In the weeping of the empty soul
Lament of the missing scent
Of affection

Carrying no more or less hope
To the light
Mending fragments
Of the broken heart

The waves of the peril shall ebb away
We trust

Amid the dusk and the dawn
Beneath the shadowy
Light of the cold moon
Little star in the sky
Shall guide us to freedom

And in the rise of the sun
Thou shall grin
And kiss again
And reflect to one another’s heart
Like the ocean and the moon
In the midnight harmony
The beauty of love is pure
And natural
Molantwa Mmele Apr 2016
Her beauty glows perfectly
Like a dawn through the dark

Even though
She was a biltong
Shrunken like lilies of the desert
In a broken summer time

Lean with bold head
Her eyes gleaming tears
Still beautiful like aqua in the sunshine

Her smile full of sorrow
I evoked the resemblance
We once hold hands back in the village
And my heart still melts
And smiles when nearer to thy soul
Thou amazing woman

Diffidently she came close
Her lips dry and emaciated
Her hands cold
Felt gaunt like chicken feet
Her young face wrinkled
And whispered in my ears

Her quivering voice
A dulcet harmony of the dawn chorus
Serenading the nature of my being

Soon I could die
Please let your heart
Not to fall in love with me
Look what cancer has done to me
I have Leukemia
The smell of death is all over my breath
It feels like my body is rejecting my soul
I’m dying

Exhaustion of Sleepless nights
And the sun rises with slurs
The world stares at me with insults
And diagnose my disease with their eyes
Apparently I’m *** positive

Is this what you also see in me?
A disgrace
A ** who got what she deserved
Yet she used to be divine and reserved

You know
It is so sore, so sore and sore
To see your own infant, your own flesh
Frightened in your arms
And crying for someone else
It breaks me apart

If you could feel the pain I'm in
you would understand what I mean
I’m scared of living
And I’m scared of dying too

What do you really love in me?
The resemblance
Of your teenage infatuation


And I said
There is a cure
A cure for your disease
Cancer can be healed
I can never let you die

You are the lamp of my soul
When I’m drowning deep in the dark of misery
I was born incomplete
And you were the missing part of my life
Without you I’m just a song with no rhythm
A piece of poem with no theme
Let me love you more
Because I do love you more

And after sometime in fairyland
After her chemotherapy treatment
We were engaged
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