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Molantwa Mmele Oct 2017
Though you made peace within your own ambience
something wrenched your serenity, suddenly
silence was the language you spoke
in blue blurry words of despair

however, you never seemed
to be doomed and dilapidated in boredom
you wore a veil made of thousand smiles
on your face, hence we were
blinded to your despondency

you were the sparrow of the secluded prairie
fallen alone and far away from home

no flock ever made you grin,and
none of us felt your existence, until you were gone
gone without discernable traces
Molantwa Mmele Jan 2017
Amongst these strange looking faces
some I used to know on first name basis
though memories outlive reality
still, nothing survives long beyond eternity
withal, they grey old like the lady in a rocking chair
and anything else to occur, is possible and fair
Molantwa Mmele Jan 2017
So I met a man, a composed soldier
In his tranquility, his voice firm and bold
Like the sound of thunder
An unshaken hill standing tall
Armed and armored in creed
And I longed to fit in his shoes
Molantwa Mmele Jan 2017
My mind leaves my body at night
walking to places I’ve never seen before
somehow here is when my soul searches for light
either to escape or defeat the war
entitled to my name regardless how I feel
fear frails my heart, between the darkness and silence
In chambers of the void, here brutality is real
The nightmare of dying young through social violence

Herds held hostage within their territories
Where else to call for liberty
When our deaths are celebrated like victories
For perhaps this is the end of humanity
Where every wishing card is a piece of eulogy
For a dead child who never came home
Molantwa Mmele Jul 2016
Fear of failure had me slogging
Constructing these walls of limits around me
And I’ve been confined in this prison for decades now
Consumed by my own self-made leviathan
Seeking for perfection, which smells not in this world
Procrastination, had me shackled on the same level
Letting time passing by, wasted
Assuming what the world may assume if may I fall
I may sleep in disgrace with fear,
Walking on the prickly path, away from your gashing eyes
I may drown in your scornful laughter, a stagnant pond
Of discourage for men
Whilst ageing not to be young no more
We grow naive with poor minds, weary souls
Thus age caries no wisdom nor oomph
To rectify errs of the past, though far ahead still glows
The lit of hope, the spirit to rise from the dust
To release my soul free and disrobe the coat of fear
To stand tall and soar above the horizon and reach the stars in the sky
Though I may never catch the time I let to flew away
Molantwa Mmele Jul 2016
Rarely in a while like zephyr winds
These memories invokes in my mind
Swaying lazily like the green foliage of the weeping willow
Always beautiful yet they hurt and still I smile through tears
Thy absence dries my soul, latterly life is barren
Streams ran dry to quench my thirst
Winter is every day ever since you left
I live only with cold memoirs in the emptiness of life, and even
In the depths of winter we merely need love to keep our homes warm
Fear slits my heart apart with surliness, yet
I still rely gullible, with hope in your sweets deceits
Awaiting, to embrace fondly all that is you; apparently
Merely all that was thine twirls before my sight
Never to let me free, or neither to eye further far from other greens
Molantwa Mmele Jul 2016
Far in the Prairie, nearer the shadows of hopelessness
There stood a young indigent shepherd
Under the hawthorn tree striving to rich up
Through the thorns, where laid woodpigeon nest
With marks through his body and bleeding fingers
Hunger let no man ever to resign, commonly fathering blokes
From the thatched sheds in the village down the dry hills,
The hunter, left children with moaning paunches
Infant feeding from milkless, shrunken *******, he
Fears mostly to hurl rocks up the tree
Eggs might fall and brake on the ground
Time flows wild with rivers not come again
For he might take longer, and squabs might hatch
And fledge to fly away, and his kids might die of hunger as winter arises
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