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mims Apr 2014
I just want you to know
that you are not just a part of my routine,
not just a daily habit -
you are far more than that.

For me, you are my reason
I wake up with a strong heart
every day.

You are the inspiration
I go through my day
with a smile on my face,
full of high hopes and dreams.

Every message I send
is not just a part of a to-do-list
but I tell you
the simplest to the grandest of events
in my everyday
because I want to share a big part of me,
to you.
That I give you the power
to see through me,
to feel how I do,
to hear what my heart beats for -
only you, us... and our life together waiting for us.
mims Apr 2014
One day,
you would never have to drive on your own to work.
I will be there holding your hand
from short trips around the city
to road trips and long drives to anywhere we wish.

One day,
you wouldn't have to wake up
with a cold side on the bed.
I will be right there beside you
with your head on my chest
while I caress your hair
as I watch you sleep
and kiss you good night's and good morning's.

One day,
when you feel like the world is ganging up on you
and you need hugs and the hold of a warm hand
I won't be just a text message or Skype call away
but will be there by you.
Holding your hand,
as the whole world passes by.

One day,
this will all be our reality.
And this day,
will come real soon.

I love you my Annette, always.

Yours, and only yours,
mims Mar 2014
I just want to let you know
that every waking morning
I greet the world
with my heart beat
with every inhale and exhale
I find more and more reasons
to fall in love with you
deeper than yesterdays.


Falling in love with you more and more each day, Anne. :) And this heart can go on until forever.

Yours, always... and only yours
mims Mar 2014
Back to these kinds of mornings -

Waking up before everyone else does to catch the first train trip, a good run to the gym for some conditioning/strength training to kick off the day and this 1.5hr- gap before work spent with exchanges on how your day was and how my day begins (over coffee). Soon, we waste time together in this cafe. :)

I love you, Anne. Mahal na mahal kita. I cannot wait to wake up beside you.

Yours, and only yours
mims Mar 2014
We comfortably
go through our Saturdays and Sundays
in pajamas
idling away
and wasting time
with our eyes fixed
on our laptop screens.

I smile as I watch
every detail of you while you sleep -
that twitch in your eyes
that tells me you are in deep slumber
possibly (and hopefully) dreaming about you and me...
your rhythmic breathing
that I follow with my heartbeat
as if your chest falls up and down
with mine.

And as you awaken,
I smile at the thought
that it is I
that you first see.

I cannot wait until the day
that I could again
kiss those soft ears of yours to wake you up.

You are always loved, my annette. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

Yours and always yours,
mims Mar 2014
I sit on the train
with my eyes fixed
at the blur of lights
outside the window
as the train rushes by.

And in this moment,
this moment where light and motion and visions of you
mix into a swirl of a perfect blend
that I start seeing your reflection,
your eyes looking back into mine.

And I am awaken
by the sudden stop in the station
with the fact
that the seat beside me is still empty.

But soon
I am counting down days
your hand
will be holding mine...
As we coast from north to south without purpose
back and forth, people watching
sitting on this train
wasting away
seconds, minutes and hours.
For every moment spent just merely beside you
is worth all the while.

I love you, Anne.

Yours and only yours,
mims Mar 2014
Today, I... No, we... start another journey.

A few months ago, I was on the road to make it up to Anne. She was the best thing that ever happened in my life... And I was blessed and fortunate enough to be accepted back by this angel. ;) And now, we begin another chapter in our lives together.

starting today, I will write again. I will write all our plans for us... Through our road to be beside each other again. From today, until the day we get to wake up beside each other, I will chronicle all our dreams, hopes and prayers... All the sacrifices, all the challenges we have to endure, and hurdle through together.

I know the day would come that we would no longer have to wait... No longer have to count hours and miles between us. Instead, we count our memories waking up to each other's breaths and kisses... And all our adventures in our world, wherever it may be.

I love you, Anne. And I know together, with our enduring hearts... We can make our dreams come true.

75 days. That's the most we want to have to endure until we hold each other's hands again. I cannot wait until that fateful day. :)
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