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Feb 27 · 44
Another day
mikecccc Feb 27
Life is short
so they say
they say A lot
billions of seconds
leaking from my hourglass
staunch the bleeding
thats not plausible
anyway it's just Tuesday
Life is short
so i'm told
but don't worry
it's only relative.
Feb 27 · 57
mikecccc Feb 27
To the side
another everything
to the other another
the only difference is degrees
A little better A little worse
Could I fill the shoes
of the best version of me
would it be wrong
to steal from myself
I don't have A goatee
So I can't be the evil me.
Nov 2018 · 84
Civil war
mikecccc Nov 2018
We the people
Can't agree
Not even to disagree
Be right or be left
South or north
I can't say
United states
Without smiling.
Oct 2018 · 45
human spirit
mikecccc Oct 2018
the artist attempts
to show us more
They fail
this is all their is
amazing as it is
it gets so boring.
Sep 2018 · 85
mikecccc Sep 2018
Who am I To say
all the faithful
are fools

A nonbeliever
could be more diplomatic

Respecting your right
to believe untruths
how long can that last
can we agree to disagree
on the fundamentals of reality
historically never very long.
something nothing
in this day and age
does it really matter
Jul 2018 · 388
mikecccc Jul 2018
What wouldn't I give

For a little bit more

Where does it end
The wanting
When you have enough
What is enough.
You need lessons
Enough is taught
By ma pa
And society at large.
Apr 2018 · 72
i'm sure
mikecccc Apr 2018
Dead men tell no tales
but the living are happy
to tell tales for them
Apr 2018 · 196
mikecccc Apr 2018
A noose of cars
waiting to order
waiting for orders
time is wasting
while the crew scrambles
"this is unacceptable"
the frequent flyer
reminds me.
Mar 2018 · 202
the calm voice
mikecccc Mar 2018
Who is that creature
I can hear the calm voice
but can't see the body
how can you be still
in these shaky days
are you calm
cause you're joking
are you an actor
are you a fool
can I be one?
Jan 2018 · 96
It's easy to mock
mikecccc Jan 2018
I see something silly
I laugh
Serious sincere
I see deep naivety
Dreamer dear friend why
I try to ask
But the laughter won't stop.
Jan 2018 · 89
5 years time
mikecccc Jan 2018
In half a decade
Where will you be
Having consulted
My crystal ball
I can say with certainty
Oct 2017 · 237
mikecccc Oct 2017
Harbinger says
the end is nigh
but it always is
each day it's closer
does that matter
why fear the inevitable
cause it's scary
some days.
Oct 2017 · 215
no ink spilled
mikecccc Oct 2017
it remains unwritten
but we know
how it is
how they usually are.
Oct 2017 · 202
mikecccc Oct 2017
the cogs spin
doing what
they were made to do
they catch every so often
but the machine continues.
Oct 2017 · 330
mikecccc Oct 2017
I want the truth
but you know
you can't always get
what you want
so i'll accept A decent lie.
not a great detective.
Sep 2017 · 310
Troubling dream
mikecccc Sep 2017
Bubbling cauldron
Of the unconscious
Produce something nice
Or if your feeling generous
All I see in the dark
Is vagueness.
Sep 2017 · 174
mikecccc Sep 2017
I saw you today
For the first time
The hundreth time
But the first time
I really saw
you are not
Who I thought
Suppose that's my problem.
Sep 2017 · 292
mikecccc Sep 2017
after the end
what will I see
a groundhog day loop
I fear
it sounds hellish
repetition makes me twitchy
but burning alive forever
doesn't sound fun either
what about nothing
nothing sounds nice
it would probably grow old
suppose i'll see.
Aug 2017 · 134
Drown in ink
mikecccc Aug 2017
black pool
pull me down
fill my hollow chamber's
with something
words would be nice
good ones please
I would sacrifice my mind
at the inkwell alter
if only I could find
the right guide.
Aug 2017 · 172
mikecccc Aug 2017
Seen from afar
The blurs dance
A gray kaleidoscope
If you will
Even if you don't
Is it an
Equal view or apathy
Does it matter
Would contacts
Make it better.
Aug 2017 · 78
mikecccc Aug 2017
White nationalists on the lawn
not really new
my neighbor proudly waves
A confederate flag
but they aren't on TV
trump was unhelpful
monocles fell in surprise
we can all agree
on nothing
nothing new.
many can agree
for the moment
Aug 2017 · 200
It shouldn't matter
mikecccc Aug 2017
it does
A sincere shrug
it is what it is
why is that?
of gravity?
Jul 2017 · 533
the ghost left
mikecccc Jul 2017
you were never here
and now
you're gone
what could have been
never was
never will be
always more figments
maybe one that's wittier.
Jul 2017 · 224
can you unlearn
mikecccc Jul 2017
as in to remove
what you have learned
the wrong coping technique
I suppose you never forget
just learn something new
to cover it up
for however long
the new way works.
Jul 2017 · 167
I shall away
mikecccc Jul 2017
We all shall one day
but for me
today is the day
the sun shines
the crowd is constricting
today is the day
But then many days
seem like good ones to away
there is no hurry
perhaps tomorrow.
still too repetitive
Jul 2017 · 260
death of a thousand cuts
mikecccc Jul 2017
Every visit
I find you
A little less
If I stop visiting
it's just me
you're all ready gone
Jul 2017 · 182
out of the blue
mikecccc Jul 2017
good intentions
sounds so ominous
should've put it
on the schedule.
Jun 2017 · 188
mikecccc Jun 2017
what is
the power of a god
like superman
A bit of everything
well A lot of everything
what is enough
depends on the consumer
Jun 2017 · 178
mikecccc Jun 2017
fuzzies buzz
little benign
looking things
those fuzzies
nothing like bees
more like roaches
infesting the mind
they don't want out
simple things fuzzies
they dine on drive.
just a start
May 2017 · 457
mikecccc May 2017
towers of clutter
block the halls
make a maze
of an old abode
and an old soul lurks
somewhere within
it was never any good
at letting go.
May 2017 · 187
where should it be
mikecccc May 2017
I left my heart at home
I wouldn't want it interfering
with my work
but I could never leave
my cellphone behind.
May 2017 · 218
perish the thought
mikecccc May 2017
It did
the thought died
for a time
Should i say
it was resurrected
who by
no one in particular  
someone special
able to bring to mind
long forgotten things
what a gift.
May 2017 · 274
he saw
mikecccc May 2017
the scars
on my arms
embarrassing reminders
he saw them
how can I defend myself
from the judgment
or the pity
actually he saw nothing
just staring at a muffin
and cursing internally.
May 2017 · 240
mikecccc May 2017
He just stared through me
seeing what he wants
beats seeing what he has
i'm guessing.
May 2017 · 255
mikecccc May 2017
A dance
A game
this play
it has wide appeal
and a substantial
Can see why
too much drama
that is yet too little
for some folk.
Apr 2017 · 216
Glory days
mikecccc Apr 2017
Those were the days
my days in my prime
just a handful of sand
done but i'm alive
because for to
dwell on better days
it would seem.
Apr 2017 · 371
mikecccc Apr 2017
one day
you stop making
****** kid mistakes
and start making
****** adult mistakes.
Apr 2017 · 285
mikecccc Apr 2017
run from the cat
the light the giants
run from anything
not everything
is trying to **** you
but any of it could
there's enough crumbs
on the edges to survive.
Apr 2017 · 237
mikecccc Apr 2017
I find myself
with nothing to say
that is to say
unable to express
what I want to say
am I letting down my muse
or is my muse
letting me down
has it retired
to wherever mute muses go.
where do they go
somewhere too quiet
Apr 2017 · 239
what I found
mikecccc Apr 2017
I went to the city
and found that
the tough decisions
from home
were something to laugh at
when this place becomes home
will I laugh to.
Mar 2017 · 259
mikecccc Mar 2017
tell me a story
it needn't be true
just something
to drown out
the droning sound
life makes.
Mar 2017 · 201
long story short
Mar 2017 · 524
Chaotic good
mikecccc Mar 2017
I want to help
Slightly more
than I want
to break the rules
for what it's worth.
Mar 2017 · 215
Lawful evil
mikecccc Mar 2017
by the law
with the law
I abuse you.
Mar 2017 · 245
too literal
mikecccc Mar 2017
it's not all lies
it's mostly
and figures of speech
that's arguably better.
and lies
and delusions
Mar 2017 · 245
we learn
mikecccc Mar 2017
we do
we learn
from our mistakes
the fittest learn fast.
we must
we are at the top
not that their's a lot of competition
round here
Mar 2017 · 309
mikecccc Mar 2017
warrior angel
here for a job
to pluck warrior souls
from the killing fields
and carry them
to killing fields
where no one dies
and everyone drinks.
awaiting the day
where everything
I think.
Mar 2017 · 181
What if
mikecccc Mar 2017
Your life
was a threat
not threatening
by existing
but the idea
of having you're life
was a warning
would you be defensive
would you just shrug
would you turn things around
would you could you.
Mar 2017 · 215
Winter's crown
mikecccc Mar 2017
madness and power
bound in gold
a wish for safety was made
they are too far gone to suffer
probably not what they meant.
inspired by a show
Mar 2017 · 214
beware the Daywalker
mikecccc Mar 2017
like a vampire
in reverse
sans the blood
stakes and
fear of religious artifacts

you mean normal people

yeah those weirdie's
beware them
they're really loud
dam neighbors
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