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Nov 2016 · 188
Mikayla Nov 2016
I can avoid the pain.
It's easy until, I don't look at it.
For the pain, to hurt,
it's easy too.
Has no empathy sensors.
Doesn't need them.
It uses needles to get under my skin.
Nov 2016 · 199
Mikayla Nov 2016
Giving you pure affection.
What am I getting back...?
Cold handshake.
I value your grey dress more than
plenty of sweet words that I'll ever get.
Jun 2016 · 1.4k
Mikayla Jun 2016
Waiting for your night stories,
instead, empty glasses dancing. 
Kahlo paints for me, surreal dreams.
Jun 2016 · 223
Mikayla Jun 2016
On the train,  looking at you
You're a victim of my curiosity.
And i say yes to no question.
And i say yes to no invitation.
Vain smile hiding the truth.

Deep inside of me...
Dwells insanity.

— The End —