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Mikayla Nov 2016
I can avoid the pain.
It's easy until, I don't look at it.
For the pain, to hurt,
it's easy too.
Has no empathy sensors.
Doesn't need them.
It uses needles to get under my skin.
Mikayla Nov 2016
Giving you pure affection.
What am I getting back...?
Cold handshake.
I value your grey dress more than
plenty of sweet words that I'll ever get.
  Jun 2016 Mikayla
and i have never really understood why i hate luggage.
why i barely own handbags,
and would much rather fit the necessities in my purse.
why school didn't seem so bad if i had less books on my back.

i had never really understood why i hated so much baggage.

until i realised that it was because i already had all of me,
to carry.
Mikayla Jun 2016
Waiting for your night stories,
instead, empty glasses dancing. 
Kahlo paints for me, surreal dreams.
  Jun 2016 Mikayla
Mike Rollain
Ad hoc clarity
Moments of serenity
So existential
Mikayla Jun 2016
On the train,  looking at you
You're a victim of my curiosity.
And i say yes to no question.
And i say yes to no invitation.
Vain smile hiding the truth.

Deep inside of me...
Dwells insanity.

— The End —