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Michaela B Sep 2014
My heart is a garden
and you have trampled on my flowers
instead of tending them.
You cut the stems
when they were already broken,
leaving petals trailing behind your footsteps:
nothing but a sad reminder that you left without looking back.
I should have locked the gates
instead of letting you in,
but I thought you had the seeds for the flowers I was missing.
June 2013
Michaela B Sep 2014
the shade of your eyes
has become my favorite color
and i catch myself wondering
how you would describe mine.

you stole my heart
with your stories and sweet melodies
that linger in my soul
to grow into song.

i keep trying to rhyme with your name
but to no avail,
because no word could be as beautiful
as the syllables that claim it.
Michaela B Sep 2014
a tally on my wrist
for all my fears and failures,

a curse for each time
my words go neglected.

a feeling of nostalgia
for all those that left me,

and an eternal mark on my heart,
for all the times I've felt broken.
Michaela B Feb 2014
i want to float away
like a hot air balloon
across expansive skies....
but you are the only reason
i want to stay.
you are the ropes
that keep my tethered,
the strings that tie my heart together.
Michaela B Feb 2014
My heart has felt so much disappointment, much of it coming from my own hopes and dreams. I can't remember the last time I had the feeling of wanting to know someone so deeply and to let them know me the same. My imagination takes my mind so far into the sky that it's hard to try and land safely back on the ground.
I can't wait for the day someone will share these feelings with me, because then we won't have to ever worry about giving up our highest hopes. We'll want to take our chances, because love is blind and reckless, and just out of our reach.
Michaela B Jan 2014
I follow the stars home
like they are streetlamps lighting my way.
They glimmer and glisten
like the hope I hold close to my heart.
They shine so brightly,
even though they are alone in the emptiness.
I am reminded of these stars when I look into your eyes,
because they are the guide that I will follow
when I want to come home.
Michaela B Jan 2014
you are like water,
trickling over the walls I've built
and eroding them away,
like a river rushing through a valley.
my walls have crumbled,
and everything that I am is exposed.
somehow, you see right through my practiced smiles
and make me want to be sincere again.
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