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i've been listening to our favorite song for hours now.

i keep looking at my phone
and expecting it to light up with an
i miss you, or an i wish you were here,
but the screen doesn't blink.

i know it's late, but i've never missed you
as much as i do in this moment.

maybe it's because i feel so close to losing you.
or maybe it's because it's 4 am and my bed is empty.

your arms are miles away and not wrapped around me -
i don't feel the warmth of your hands on my side,
or your fingers lazily stroking circles onto my hip-bones
the peak of your blond hair is sadly not peeping out
from under my sheets, and i miss seeing the gold.

i pray for these things to happen every night,
but i still wake up alone in the morning.
can't help falling in love // twenty-one pilots, cover
I scratch
I claw
I bite and scream but I can't
It. Won't. Let. Me. Go
It took me in
And now it won't relinquish
Its hold on my every waking thought
Let. Me. Go.
I walk alone
head down,
no one around.
Just wishing
I had someone
to be around.
Look up.
It's me.
Crowded by failure,
followed by disappointment,
clouded by self doubt
no way out.
Every turn a dead end.
No light.
Only darkness.
Must escape,
but there is not a way.
I'm drowning.
No air,
only  despair.
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