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mia Aug 2015
i thought being with you would be okay.
i thought i was going to be alright, happy even, with you around.
i thought we were going to last forever.
i thought you would never be the one to ruin me.
i thought of you as the one who would never hurt me.
but *******, i was wrong.
i was so ******* wrong.
i miss you so ******* much.
  Jul 2015 mia
Jax levii
every time time you
Tell your daughter
You yell at her
Out of love
You teach her to confuse
Anger with kindness
Which seems like a good idea
Till she grows up to
Trust men who hurt her
Cause they look so much
Like you
  Jul 2015 mia
Theresa Marie
kissed the lips of a thousand bottles trying to forget the taste of you
  Jul 2015 mia
From heart string to heart string
We tug and we pull
We rip and we tear
Only with heartbreak to spare

From fist to fist
We swing and we punch
We hit and we miss
Only with bruises to bare
mia Jun 2015
i miss you.
i miss the way you always held out your hand when you wanted to interlock your fingers with mine, as if you needed permission.
i miss the way you held me tightly whenever we hugged, like you never wanted to let go.
i miss the way you looked at me with so much love and happiness in your eyes.
i miss the way you smiled so big whenever we spoke.
i miss the way you used all these different big words whenever you told me how much you cared about me. i had to look up the meaning of those words every time.
i miss the way you looked at me when i laughed, you looked so happy.
please, come back.
i miss you.
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