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Mel Aug 2018
Feelings and anger,
    Sadness and judgement.

They bottled up,
     And finally,

I thought I am strong,  
        Until my tears falls non stop.
Mel Aug 2018
Sometimes you just have to be
Because why hurt yourself
           When you can
Love yourself a tad bit more?
Mel Aug 2018
I remember those days,
Where you would sit near me,
And study while looking effortlessly,
Good looking.

I remember those days,
Where you would make stupid jokes,
And all your friends would laugh,

I remember those days,
But sadly you don't,
As I am just a secret admirer,
Who would only look at you from afar.

For the senior who I would never be friend with, Lance.
Mel Apr 2018
Out of so many places that I have visited,
The place I missed the most,
Is your heart....
Mel Apr 2018
I've been nothing but good to you,
Yet you still hurt me like this.

When I'm younger, I would blamed myself, for being stupid, as that it what you scolded me.

You labeled me, I kindly took the names with me.

But growing up, now I realized that I wouldn't need to be good, to a person, like you.

I realized after years of being hated, that I have the rights to hate you even more.

I realized that even after being kind to you for years, nothing would have change.

So I finally come to the sense that, it wasn't you who needs to change, it was me.

I should just care a little lesser,
Be a little evil,
And only give my kindness to the one that deserved.

And you, should be the one who I push away from my life, as our relationship are nothing but toxic.
Mel Mar 2018
Depression is not a choice-
      It is a mental illness that-
Haunt you down,  lock you up,
      Without your consent.

He did not chose this life,
Having to deal with depression-
The constant sadness,
The tears that stream down his cheek-
Every evening without a valid reason.

Oh my,  depression,  
     Let the doctor cure you.
Oh my,  depression,
     Will you leave the poor boy alone?
Mel Mar 2018
True love is strong,
It can forgive betrayal,
It can give second chance,
Despite being utterly wounded by another half.  

Just like how the phantom of the opera,
Forgave Christine,
Even though what she did was betrayed him for Raoul.

Just like how the phantom of the opera,
Gave Christine a second chance,  
Even though she leaved him when he is the one who taught her how to sing.

Just like how the phantom of the opera,
Gave Christine a chance to live forever with Raoul,
Despite being very in love with her.

This is true love.
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