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Emma Nicole Feb 2019
When I’m with you,
You swallow the whole world,
Including me.

When I’m away from you,
I want nothing more
Than to be swallowed again.
Emma Nicole Feb 2019
Everyone’s caught up in things that don’t matter
I don’t care who can shotgun faster
People are dying, there are lives at stake
There is only so much ******* I can take
Complacency chews us up and spits us out
It’s so hard to figure out what life is all about
Emma Nicole Jan 2019
My arms are sore from trying to reach out to you
The stillness of being loved and ignored
You’ve said you can’t pick up signals
But they are all that I have left
Emma Nicole Dec 2018
When you worried and said,
“Are you still happy with me”
My heart crawled up my throat
How could I make you think
For one moment that I don’t
Want you more than anything else

I’ve been coughing my lungs out
Hoping that you feel the same way
I’m not scared of dying
I’m afraid of being alone
A life with none of you is the
Worst nightmare I can create
Emma Nicole Nov 2018
Your sweet rhythm in my bones
Leaves me singing your song every night
I am so lucky to have a beat that
Matches the tempo of my own wild heart
Emma Nicole Nov 2018
Speaking with you
Is like yelling into an empty cave
All I get back
Are my own words, mumbled
Emma Nicole Nov 2018
No one desires to be looked at
With a tired pair of eyes:
Grazed over, thrown away.
Everyone desires to be seen
With brand new eyes:
Analyzed, every detail noticed.

Do you see me, love?
It’s been a while since
You first laid eyes on me.
I long to be recognized—
Open up those weary eyes
And you might see again.
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