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mel Feb 27
it was so easy for you to walk away from the idea of us.
I wish I could say the same.
mel Feb 27
no one has said the words,
but it feels like it is over.

the space between us keeps growing wider and wider.

I am wondering what you're going to do to stop it,
if anything.

no one has said the words,
so why does it feel like it's over?
mel Feb 27
no one understands it
my friends say that you're wrong for me
my sisters say you don't deserve me

but no one knows the whole story,
not even you,
only me.
I'm by myself.

I'm on my own
struggling with these feelings.
I wish I had know what I was getting myself into
when I started things with you.

but let's be honest,
I still would have done it.
you draw me in
and I can't resist.

they say that they would always be there
but now I need them more than ever
and they shut me out because I chose you,

when I go to them
they don't tell me what I need to hear
but to be honest
I don't know what I need

all I know is that I want you back
but I can't let you in
so I'm by myself
trying to figure this out
mel Feb 27
something happened

I thought I was getting better
but the thoughts of you consume me even more frequently than before

now I want you even more
now I thing about what we could be if I hadn't said that one thing
now I wonder if there's someone else
now I don't know if I even have a chance
mel Feb 27
I told them.

you should have seen the looks they gave me
you should have heard the things they said to me

if you did
then you would know how much I am sacrificing for you

I guess these are the consequences of falling for you.
mel Feb 21
one word
two syllables
so much meaning
so many emotions

a little piece of me shatters every time someone says it
even if they are not talking about you

who knew a name could have such an effect on me
mel Feb 21
you said I brought the light back into your life.
but ask yourself this. . .
why is the darkness suffocating me now?
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