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Melisa Çıngı Oct 2020
I can't sleep
Hope you can't too
There is that feeling keeps me awake
Which you know too
A dream is all I ask
Dream that includes you
I couldn't understand
What did you do
To make me beg for
One dream about you
Melisa Çıngı Oct 2020
My heart is red
Soon I’ll be dead
My shroud is plaid
Where is my lad?

Did he spread
The love that we shared
Or did he forget
All the blossoms we had?

I made him abased
With my soul so dazed
I think he’s ashamed
Of the night we framed

I remember the eyes he had
To me they were dead
And I almost obeyed
To his soul inflamed
Melisa Çıngı Oct 2020
Today I feel like ****
Tomorrow will be the same
Unless he calls me again
Everyday would be the same
He won’t call me again
I should get on a plane
Alone again
With my main cause
To gain
An insight of pain
Now my plane has took off
And he is long before gone
Will I find him around the pond?
Gazing at the ground
With bright blue eyes
Looking so wise
Will he be nice
Or should I get the ice?

— The End —