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Megan Sherman May 2023
Within this smitten heart thy name embossed
Cross chambers, ventricles at one time lost
No sentiment so strong as mine for thee
A bond as pure and deep and rare as sea
I know and see thee less than I would like
Still the bolts of passion my heart strike
To nurturing this kinship I attend
Eternally in awe of thee supreme friend
May 2023 · 254
Whims of Fancy
Megan Sherman May 2023
I entertain the whims of fancy
To gray Reason - antidote
Aloft on tides of Imagination
In modernity - remote

I dare to dwell in dream, romance
On which my Heart - inebriate
I chase perennial spirit of Passion
In which purest Love gestate
May 2023 · 91
Colliding Lights
Megan Sherman May 2023
Two souls transcend dichotomy
A human is a half
Until two lights unite, collide
On interlocking path

Converging in mutual passion
A saccharine and innocent tryst
Heaven on Earth I found in thee
A state of permanent bliss
May 2023 · 83
Nascent Love
Megan Sherman May 2023
Though we don’t see each other as much as we should
I possess feelings for thee not logically understood
Sparks fly, stars zoom around and encircle my Heart
Overpowers like magic dart
I am by thy visage enchanted
The flower of devotion planted
I pray we cross paths more regularly
Our bond as deep and wide as sea
May 2023 · 200
My Heart Begets
Megan Sherman May 2023
My Heart begets to thee, devotion
Inside it deep, profound commotion
Consist in Love supreme emotion
Resounds and thrives in perpetual motion
Megan Sherman Apr 2023
I drown in the waters of my sleep
And in those depths pray my soul to keep

When the darkness of evil establishes itself
In minds recesses, detrimental to my mental health

I survey the tides, in harmony with the moon
A source of optimism, like a lucky rune

The moon a defaced pearl, a darling girl
The ace to sunshines king, her mysterious beauty unfurl

To thee I’d sing and harp upon on ancient lyres
Stoke the blaze of ancestral fires
Apr 2023 · 257
Fiery Bead
Megan Sherman Apr 2023
They may sneer at me in malice
Criticise and carp
Sully my shine by slinging mud
And my self-perception warp

I think my star annoyed them
As it, fiery, lit the night
A platinum bead, pearl of heaven
And conduit of light

But they wished to see that star to fall
Plummet to destruction and obscurity
And as the bad luck poured on down
Over my life, they gloat with glee

But I eternal rainbow
That towers over, upstage the rain
When judged by god for lies, misdeeds
They’ll finally be smothered in their shame
Megan Sherman Mar 2023
The wise are more sparse than they were
The chains of ignorance
Weigh down upon beleaguered world
And hubris, arrogance

But Knowledge shall liberate the minds
Under tyrant’s spell
His miserable plans would be at home
In the catacombs of hell
Megan Sherman Oct 2022
War superceded by fraternal love
War degenerate pursuit
The little flame inside our hearts
To brutality takes the boot

This world - beget by conflict
Where power runs amok
Its latitudes can yet be redeemed
By solidarity power mocks

The hopes of masses differ
Since our souls basically pure
To perpetual hell the tyrants offer
United we can put an end to war
Megan Sherman Oct 2022
After body's expiration, a transfiguration comes -
Its Energy never destroyed, like suns -
The yesterday of life concedes
To an eternity which sage's heed

The cosmos, majestic, grand revolves
The total sum of energy
From Earth, to stratosphere, beyond
Infuses space
Surely a contentment for the human race

Death is the hour of transformation
Our souls body outlive
Turn to ascend the stair becomes
Vindication for who believes
Oct 2022 · 284
Death of Illusion
Megan Sherman Oct 2022
So much what we presume is false
Illusions claw our brain
We sail away with them in waltz
Much to sage's disdain

But we can train perception
Through which we swift arrive
At Truth, to it in genuflection
Enlightenment alive

If you make Buddha hero
Abide unto his scheme
Presumptions fall to zero
Know to question all that seems
Oct 2022 · 119
Ode to the moon
Megan Sherman Oct 2022
With aura of gold, as such inspires psalms
A beatitude which fretful, encumbered mind calms
I sing to thee, sweet moon, a luscious pearl
Which into night time throne ascend and twirl
Consists in this enigma rare, divine beauty
To which the sages pledge entreaty
All hearts swoon with music upon her sight
Harbinger of eternal delight
Sublime as a god paint with pallet of dream
She is all powerful and all supreme

O cherished disc of cosmic bliss
A rival matched to sunshines kiss
Inspires feelings suffice to be sung to lyres
A fixity in time and space that will never die, expire
Could ever I do justice to thy majestic spirit?
In words, nay, don't think I'll ever near it
Pearl in Heaven's clam adorned by sparks
In embrace of which we to the veiled realms embark
Thee borne of God's labour, testament to his passion
Which he begets in floods, not by ration

Gift me with your precious Peace
May thy blessings expand, thy love increase
Borne aloft on divinest wings
That inspires soul to soar and sing
Consist in you spirit blithe, like Shelley's coy sparrow?
Your healing light penetrates like arrow
Into heart and mind, begin to heal
For energy healing is self-evidently real
To intuition, not gray reason thine appeal
Wisdom not from facts but the truths we feel

Moon a sublime friend, wields and wends
A bounty of pure energy sages guard, forfend
Beyond mere icon, an authentic power
Graces with presence in the witching hour
Assist as we fathom depths of soul
To unite the heart with one and all
Upon thy beauty spirit roves
Frolics in thy treasure troves
I crawl under canopies in thy golden grove
A liberation as such the satanic architect loathe

For moon outranks the schemes of men
Who divide the world to the power of ten
Splendour of the cosmos reduced to sordid schemes
That dare to bastardise our dreams
A soulless empire which subjugates earth
In which evil breeds after it was birthed
A pearl defiled by rubber treads
Of men who rule with imperial heads
But her blood not blue, in fact it red
Peace the agenda to which she wed

In vain the tyrants suppress moon's song
For all their efforts her voice far surpass evil throng
The hearts of the witches are drunk on her music
Learning from her passion's rubric
A guru would revere her melody
To heal our sore and tender maladies
Applying salve to sullied spirit
Medicine more powerful than logic, wit
Healing that cross our hearts writ

Keep thy light alive my friend
Make the world whole once again
Next to thy shine illusion pales
An aura alighting Heaven's vales
A beacon of hope amidst deep treachery
That restores the faith inside of me
I may dwell among the ground and trees
Accustomed to the earthly breeze
But my spirit is still commit to moon
In which divinest beauty hewn
Aug 2022 · 106
Floods of Tears
Megan Sherman Aug 2022
I walked away in floods of tears
After you got your claws in me
I buried the pain over the years
And it rest at the bottom of my hearts sea

But memory beat the deep, deep fathoms
Your smile resurfaced in my mind
Dreams and love are not made of atoms
But consist of an ether, mysterious, refined

Which ought be welcome when it exhibits itself
Light which strikes and sparks the soul
Eviscerates portents of ill health
Connect us to the one and all

You repented for my hurt, as I did yours
But we burdened by toxic legacy
Yet my inner tiger roar
And will for us a future free

Of petty hostility that leads to hate
Hate, hate, an irrational state
So I serve my heart up on a plate
And try this union to create
Aug 2022 · 106
How do I fathom a rainbow?
Megan Sherman Aug 2022
How do I fathom a rainbow?
Dreaming, rocking to and fro?
We are the bards, see how we go,
Our path takes us high and low

Do I dissect its composite colours like Newton,
Captured in a noble prism, sounds similar to prison
Or do I reverently give gratitude that it is available to my perception
Rage the fury blaze, symbol of life's circular direction

The truth of 'bows iridescent beauty hath rapt us in throe
The torch of power liberated from lordly grip be ours to hold
In streams of dreams and fires of gold
Sat beneath the cosmic arch brooding in desire and woe
Megan Sherman Aug 2022
How do I fathom a rainbow?
Dreaming, rocking to and fro?
We are the bards, see how we go,
Our path takes us high and low

Do I dissect its composite colours like Newton,
Captured in a noble prism, sounds similar to prison
Or do I reverently give gratitude that it is available to my perception
And a raging furious blaze, symbol of life's circular direction

The truth of bows iridescent beauty hath rapt us in throe
The torch of nature liberated from lordly grip be ours to hold
In streams of dreams and fires of gold
Sat beneath the cosmic arch brooding in desire and woe
Aug 2022 · 98
Do You
Megan Sherman Aug 2022
Verse 1:

Do you ever pause to realise how half the world's asleep
Do you deny the facts about the beast that makes my sweet lord weep
Do you march to the beat of dark masters who mesmerise us fools with powerful illusions
Or do you bang revolutions drum, free from mass psychosis, societal delusions
Do you think we have the time left to save the world from ruin
Do you feel compelled to noble fight to preserve the heaven you and your friends grew in
Do you feel ready to regain control of your thoughts, restore your mind's sovereignty
Do you see right through the mystery of history thwart with lies of plenty


Do you remember the spark inside your heart
Do you remember how they killed it
Do you remember them tearing it apart
Do you comprehend how they coldly willed it
Do you want to vibe with me tonight
Do you want me to reveal what's real and true
Do you want the lies and games to fight
Or do you choose to them to stick like glue

Verse 2:

Do you want to rub the horseshit off of your beleaguered soul's fine jewel
Do you want to shine, dazzling, divine, despite and to spite the rule of the cruel
Do you want to personify love, a blessing, crystallised in mortal, corporeal form
Do you, arms akimbo, embrace the healing light, so white, so calm, so warm
Do you crave authentic connection this world is lacking
Do you fear for the ones the deep state is tracking
Do you feel overjoyed to realise the cosmos resists the grip of control
Do you rejoice in that truth for it works to salvage our consciousness and make it whole


Do you remember the spark inside your heart
Do you remember how they killed it
Do you remember them tearing it apart
Do you comprehend how they coldly willed it
Do you want to vibe with me tonight
Do you want me to reveal what's real and true
Do you want the lies and games to fight
Or do you choose to them to stick like glue
Megan Sherman Jul 2022
Beyond the stratosphere
A majestic cosmos fruitions
And radiates light
That burgeons in the human heart divine
Despite being infinite light-years away

Beneath source, the final destination, the one and all
Young mystics ascend, their quest
Anointed with the approval of saints
Fully formed spirits pure as the core of a star
That transcend the transience of mortal incarnation
In their rebellious existence

Above the world, itself an illusion
Cosmic, angelic entities
A multifaith pack traversing a heavenly trajectory
Zoom, twirl and pirouette
In stunning array
Like light is to day

The order of the cosmos
Adhering to laws of nature
Themselves yielded partially to human knowledge in abstractions,
Theory, which, whilst awesome to behold
Eviscerates the spirit of the cosmos by objectifying it
And isolating it's elements in fractions
The scientist's sin

Their schemes have jilted and jaded the sky
Once supreme
The crown of a dream
Jun 2022 · 93
Sacred Geometry
Megan Sherman Jun 2022
Beneath the visible lies sacred geometry
Aligned to ancient, divine philosophy
I lay roses for liberation theology
In awe of angelic ontology

Atheists scorn the divine realm
Deny the God sat at the helm
To whom I give much, many an alm
Heaven a grain of sand sat upon my palm

There is too much harmony in nature to elude design
It's bounties yours as well as mine
Operating by the power of nine
Through clouds and sadness it doth still shine
Jun 2022 · 100
The Music Of The Spheres
Megan Sherman Jun 2022
The "World" is pure illusion
We're cosmic entities
The spheres beget profusion
Of life, in harmony

The spheres they twirl and pirouette
In celestial romance
For forever and a day
They, like ballerinas, dance

They are the source of music
That pours into mind of sage
Aligned to divine rubric
Eternal, never age
Megan Sherman May 2022
I am the Lord of my own life
To experience a devoted wife
Traversing joys and fathoming pain
Wisdom, knowledge mine to gain
But my double assist me on the path
Peace in destructions aftermath
In spite of trouble I happy, laugh
Paint Love's skies like Van Gogh
May 2022 · 133
Rainbow Rose
Megan Sherman May 2022
I pledge to thee, my rainbow rose
An unrelenting love that grows
Inside our hearts, connected twins
Blessed by golden seraphim

Though art a divinity, that towers over rain
You start the world over again
Bereft of the evil schemes of Kings
Who shoot the bird and clip its wings

Suppress its songs and crush its abade
Actions in which hell is made
Hell's hills trees, can't stand the stench
As under them we shiver, blench

But force of love, irrepressible
Hate, by contrast, infintessimal
Triumphant, the light of love apace
We will redeem the human race
May 2022 · 78
Love's Latitudes
Megan Sherman May 2022
The world is in gestation
A manifest creation
A pearl within a sage's dream
Beautiful and all supreme
Givers of life, the sun, the earth
Inimical to material worth
For them I pledge my gratitude
A traveller of Love's latitudes
Mar 2022 · 149
Computing Love
Megan Sherman Mar 2022
The weight of the world is bore on my shoulder
But I learn and preach happiness as I get older
The embers of love in my heart smoulder
And bring to my life deep joy and wonder

The visceral urge of love compute
A philosophy of great repute
Up the aisle in suavest suit
Love a bounty, a superior fruit
Feb 2022 · 442
Cosmic Flow
Megan Sherman Feb 2022
You know the fullness of the beauty of the universe
It manifests in your wisdom, an authentic platinum pearl
Immaculately conceived
Conveyed within the cosmic flow of ideas
Through which the sages earn their laurels
Wisdom felt not read from pages
And with no rainbow ever quarrel
Inspired by Jamhadi Verse
Megan Sherman Feb 2022
Would life ***** a challenge
Within my path to bliss
I would seek the henge
By gods and spirits kissed
A portal to the ancient time
That’s gone and very missed
Beget to me the bardic rhyme
In I, the music, tryst
Feb 2022 · 362
The Magic Of Life
Megan Sherman Feb 2022
The magic of life consists in the hidden
The shade, the dark and the forbidden
Behind the veil of mortal things
Infinity, eternity sing
Wisdom of the other world
To hearing mind revealed, unfurled
My joy is real, fantasies my bliss
I see sunshine as a kiss
Megan Sherman Feb 2022
The Earth revolves because of Love
Like a blessed turtle dove
The cruelty of the overlords
Crushed by native Love of hordes
Their master plan, their evil whims Relegated by seraphims
The world is love, love is the world
A cosmic destiny unfurled
Oct 2021 · 284
Empire Of Lies
Megan Sherman Oct 2021
The lie, the rhetoric, the cruel deceit
In mask of benevolence the public meet
So wars, for oil, be sanctioned and supported
Whilst dictators of the west remain unthwarted

In new Baghdad the last king gone
But barons maraud with tyrants key
While soldiers dumped on streets, help gone
Turn to ISIS and pledge “we”

Pacifism, love anachronisms
Conflicts rage the world around
Forging a graveyard of innocent souls
And so humanitarianism bears a wound

I pray this prison we transcend
Put our hearts back on the mend
And treat foreigners as a friend
And so to brighter day we wend
Aug 2021 · 144
Princess Diana
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
A shining beacon in a sea of treachery
Who willed the world to become free
Passionate in life, as a seismic sea
No you, no I, only one heart, we
Warm, red blood 'gainst prussian blue
Many sought the sanctuary of you
Through my heart a warm breeze blew
For having seen a soul of true
Aug 2021 · 143
The Heart's True Bliss
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
To love, or cede to dark, that is the choice:
Be the force of light overwhelming, it is yet besieged
By the knives and punches of circumstance
Which yet the Heart transcend
And in its echolocation with like Heart sings. To beam - to soar
In perpetual eternity. The Heart never sleeps,
Constituted by its aches and victories
That resembles ten thousand suns blazing on in song
Incarnated in the flesh of the lover
Love is heir to childhood
Consummating divine principles
To which the faithful are devout
For in the blaze of love and life we wake to go wild
And wear our hearts on our sleeves, proud,
Committed to Heaven from which rose a great knight
My lover, whose destiny sublime
To vanquish hell and transcend time
Aug 2021 · 2.1k
Ode To Ganesh
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
The world is full of friends yet to meet
The world with divine love replete
O Ganesh, I am at your feet
Your incarnation in the poetry of the beat

Statuesque and filled with light
As I saw you on my flight
A mesmerising and illustrious sight
That bids goodbye to hate and spite

Irresistible to adore
Ganesh, the champion of ancient lore
A countervailing force to war
Hear him riot, hear him roar
Aug 2021 · 105
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
A majestic empress worthy of laurels
Whom is so low to subsume her in quarrels?
A quirky light that guide me through
The pains I feel that my depression grew

The Heart's her realm, its magic she
Commands in rosy revelry
Gone with the faeries in nature's trance
Enamoured of heavenly romance
Aug 2021 · 176
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
I've lived my life in error
Chased illusions
Drowned in the mirror
Had soul contusions

Beguiled by the one dimensional
Shallow spectres
Hypnotic and sensational
Dominate spirit's acres
Aug 2021 · 136
Wild Mind
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
My mind is running wild
The fruition of my inner child
May my world be bright with dreams
That come in streams upon a beam
I'd leap at the horizon
Beat wings upon the moon
Touch bonny rainbow on and on
Through which fierce fires bloom
Aug 2021 · 110
The World Without You In It
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
The world without you in it
Is pain too fierce to bear
Missing the core part of my soul
When I wake and you're not there
Aug 2021 · 130
Drunk On My Heart's Music
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
Drunk on my Heart's music
I live fated to sing
The lyrics spelled cross night in stars
Music a magical thing
Aug 2021 · 112
Thread Of Love
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
Through time, through space, a thread of love
Its totem, enchanted turtle dove
The pure perfection of the spheres
At which the humble spirit peers
As they survey the world above

The world of Gods is ever near
Making miracles appear
Music from the angel's heart
Fills eternity, no end, no start

For Heaven is a work of art
In which all souls play a part
The cosmic music emanates
To Earth from heavenly estate
And dissolves the cold ramparts
Aug 2021 · 122
Solidarity and Grace
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
The rulers of this realm, they wisdom lack
Their auras cold, of obsidian black
Never have they treat with pity
The underclasses of the city
When their tyranny resolved
As species we will grow, evolve
True democracy will take their place
Serving lessons in solidarity and grace
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
It is that those who know me distance choose
Because in pain they absorb my tender blues
An illness that cannot be defeat by brains
To them I am an evanescent rain
My world had died, a cherished, buried friend
She now with soil and with the earthworms lies
A melancholy with no start, no end
That topple, conquer, jade my poor Heart's skies
Aug 2021 · 319
Come Back
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
Come back to me my love and only love
Find sanctuary in my heart's golden grove
Which boasts a pasture tended to by passion
An immortal light, which triumphs over fashion
In Love what's Heaven's, God's is surely ours
A knowledge that nourishes, begs to be devoured
Come back to me my love and only love
And frolic inside my Heart's treasure trove
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
I had a heartbreak bad as hell
That left me under doomful spell
The pain I nursed with anodyne
Cleansed my soul as if soaked in brine
Since then I am a lot more lost
Whoever knew that love had cost
It winded me and broke my wing
After passed the dawn of spring

When he packed his bags and left
My spirit hollow and bereft
His patience snapped, it did not bend
And therein passion came to end
My spirit doth withstand the gale
Swept over me and sent from hell
Depression's spectre raid the nest
Inside my Heart, which laid to rest
Aug 2021 · 96
The Game
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
The gains, ill-gotten, of the ruling class
Who from birth force toil upon the working poor
Have wealth only by vanity surpassed
Gold conjures an illusion of grandeur
Vainglory is the province, wisdom feign
Power hereditary in spite of skill
Unfit to serve a public they disdain
On wars and misery they stake a thrill

Impassioned, I,  for conquest in their game
The pleb outwit the tyrant, relegate
Warmongers 'gainst whom my pen take righteous aim
Doth their crimes and sins interrogate
Aug 2021 · 111
Freckled Heart
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
Rather than scars
My Heart has a freckle
For each and every love
That has consumed me
Aug 2021 · 98
The Sunrise Is A Symphony
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
The sunrise is a symphony
Its cadences birdsong
Conveys a cosmic harmony
That rings around the earth, along
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
I am myself the bride of doom
Betrothed to the dark
Orchids in my heart abloom
My spirit wears the mark

But ready am I for the light
Unless I it has forgot
Waiting for my spirit's flight
Out of the rancid rot
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
My world grows dark as rebels fall
Victim to the state
Their suffering the mind appal
Of conscience, bear the weight

The pageantry and pomp of Kings
Outshone by rebel's dance
Their hearts are grand, superior things
Enamoured of romance
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
Beguiled? By whom am I beguiled?
Not Kings; for they are mean
The arbiters of irrational wars
Their lust for blood is keen

By rebels? Yes, they have my Heart
I fear their end, demise
At hands of an immoral state
Whose corruption deep as skies
Aug 2021 · 490
I Have No Other Love
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
I have no other Love
Than thee, a treasure pure
I offer up my Soul to thee
Thy boast a deep allure

Eden? He plant a flower
In the garden of my Heart
Has deep, seductive power
Potent as magic dart
Aug 2021 · 86
Cosmic Destiny
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
A cosmic destiny beget
A sonnet from my parapet
Soothing fear and pain and fret
As I toil and love and sweat

A solar system in my mind
Arose to find itself sublime
Lucid, awesome and refined
Time and love both intertwined
Aug 2021 · 245
Cosmic Bliss
Megan Sherman Aug 2021
Sunlight falls upon the hearth
Sparrows sing the song of earth

Flowers blossom in the spring
Sparrow soar on fledgling wing

Nature calls to meditate
Solar system, mind connect, relate

A universe inside my mind
Where love and time are intertwined

Beckons me to cosmic bliss
'Tis joy to see sunshine as a kiss
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