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FrostedMustang Nov 2013
It's when I can't sleep at night
Then I can't focus through the day
It's like wishing I'd pulled you closer
When all I'd done was push you away

And it's like the last time we spoke
All the words I'd planned didn't come through
And you'll never understand it now
You'll never see that my dreams were made up of *you
FrostedMustang Aug 2013
When he says 'Baby, you're so beautiful",
Baby, I wish I felt that too.
I wish I could believe it's true;
But I'll never believe what I can't hear from you
FrostedMustang Aug 2013
For the first time in a long time
I am at a loss for words;
The one thing I have always been able to alter
And mold into what I was trying to get out.
I can’t even write this poem right now.
Usually five minutes and I have it all summed up
One neat little package of nouns and verbs
******* with a common theme
Tonight, my theme is loss
My theme is *you
FrostedMustang Jul 2013
I want to write about you
About this one way street

I want to see the way you see things
How to you
A touch is a touch
Or maybe a hug is a hug

But to me
A hug is you wanting me momentarily
And a touch
Can make me breathe harder and not at all

I want to say the right things at the right time
I want you to talk and not just listen
I want to know you better than I know myself
I want you to want to tell me everything

You can't even tell me what you want
You can't even say that right now
You can't tell me if I matter at all to you
You don't see that I feel lost without you
FrostedMustang Jul 2013
A come over text from you
The words I miss you too
The witty remarks and veiled charm
The arms that keep me so warm
The laughter you put in my life

Just something to do

A week with no calls
No responses at all
When I need you you're gone
The tears from being so alone
I'll just sit here and hope you love me

Just something to do

A simple "Hey" you'll send tonight
Will make me think waiting for you was right
And when we're laying there falling asleep
I'll honestly believe you're made for me
Until reality wakes us in the morning

Just something to do

"I've got other things to do today"
So once again I'll smile and walk away
Because you said you'd talk to me later
So that's what I'll hope and wait for
Until days have come and gone

Just something to do

I see the way you don't care for me
I'm not a total idiot, you see
But I just want you to want me
The way I keep wanting you
Because I'm tired of being

**Just something to do
FrostedMustang Jun 2013
I’m guessing you’re fast asleep right now
In your own bed that I’ve missed so terribly
And I bet you haven’t even thought of me
Even though I am laying here dreaming unbearably

Because when I close my eyes it’s like you’re here
I can feel the way you pulled me closer at night
The lightness of your head lying next to mine
A classic story just not so black and white

I’m laying here, swearing I can hear you breathe
Feel your hand the way it always found mine
A strength I knew you had but had never seen
And I can’t erase the way your eyes would shine

When you looked into my core I knew you knew
I had fallen in love since you'd first walked in the room
I wonder if you knew way back then about my heart
And how quickly a love like this would take to consume
FrostedMustang Jun 2013
When I walk through the door
I see that look in your eyes
Like you see right through me
Until you need me to get through the night

And you keep me up
‘Cause I always dream of you
And I know you don’t think about me
Or even understand what I go through

When I spend the night, I sleep alone
‘Cause it’s almost like there’s no one home
And when I wake you’re there but always leaving
And I get dressed and walk out, always knowing
That you can’t be here,
‘Cause you’re with her
You don’t need me now,
‘Cause you’ll have her
Until tonight <3
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