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MCWA Dec 2010
Our teacher rides on her broom
she levitates on it in our classroom
she will snap and  then deride
wish she'll take her pride for a ride!

Our teacher rode off on her broom
and there was joy in the classroom!

Our teacher came back from her ride
and all the students stirred inside,
"How do we rid her?"
"We must decide!"

"There are students in other classrooms
that also ride as you on brooms"
"They need a guide!"
"They want your brew!"
"They can ride along with you!"
"They  can be your new crew!"

"Fly to them now, that's what you should do!"
" We won't miss you, we won't be blue ! "
"Fly to them now, that's what you should do!"
MCWA Nov 2010
Baths: a rare luxury.
Folks would stink
didn't matter
what others would think
took yearly baths
come 'round May
no deordorant spray
so Wed in June
still smelled ok
used bouquet
of flowers
like today
just in case
this trick helped
save some face !
MCWA Nov 2010
Giovanni the Pizza Guy (Pronounce "a" as "uh")

Giovanni,you make a de savory tomato

and de thicka white creamy alfredo

you are a de pizza guy, amor'e

Si', I make a de homemade paste

she's a richer for you taste

and that's a part of my story.

I make a de pizza pie

I make a it to please

you wanna de pepperoni

or you wanna de plain cheese ?

I am a you waiter I take a you order

when you food-she a comes

she make a you mouth water

I make a de perfect pizza

in me you should a trust

you wanna de thicka or de thinna crispy crust?

I can make a spagetti or make a zucchini

butta for you , I make a linguine

I can make a de sauce red

I can make a it white

after you taste-you wanna more bite

I make a de spagetti -she's a made a with love

I cook a real slow you order ahead ;

or you take a to go.

I putta de stuff on de top

I give a you wine or a some pop

Uno momento, will you please

I must a cut a de cheese

I am a you pizza guy to make a you pizza pie

Why must a you stay a at home

when a you can a dine a in a Rome ?

I save a you a table

I tell a you a fable

I fill a you pants

I make a you dance

I make a de sauce thick

I make a de sauce thin

I make a you laugh

I make a you grin !

Si', Please a come a back ; see a Giovanni again!

MCWA Nov 2010
Tis a grand vocation
to be an inspiration

Tis a winsome aspiration
may be an oblation

May take some time
along with perspiration

Along with dedication
may come a solved equation

Tis a winsome aspiration
may come with some elation.

Tis a grand vocation
to be an inspiration.
MCWA Nov 2010
Will you hold my hand in this Winter Wonderland?
Will you carry me all the day at Walt's Disneyland?
Will you season me with salt, if I go to Never-Never Land?
Will you color my world if I go to Greenland?
Will you serve me hot cocoa, if I wander to Iceland?
I wonder if I wander will you ...
                           color, salt and serve me?
As I have , with delight, done for you all through the years?
Will you leap to carry my burdens and daily cares?
If not, then I'll cry into a bucket; fill to the brim with all of my tears.
MCWA Nov 2010
My math teacher was Mr. *****,
whose math classes were so silly.
He would spin us in a chair,
and throw our flashcards in the air!
MCWA Nov 2010
Fabulous, Ancient Tyranian treasures found;
possessing sacred , beautiful wealth in kingly vessels.
Yesterdays, Phoenician Vineyards soar above todays,
with the most succulent grapes, and captivating divine Vines!
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