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Matthew Scully Feb 2021
My grandparents met shortly before the war began, after he was drafted she promised to wait for him

She claims that one of the reasons she first fell for my grandfather was his voice

His singing voice

He promised that upon his return he would sing to her every night for the rest of their lives

Musical memories are not damaged by Alzheimer’s, as the areas in the brain linked to musical memory are unaffected

This disease doesn’t care who you are or who you have become.

I have long been a stranger to my grandfather. My name a missing page from his book.

Many stop visiting their relatives, feeling as though they are already gone.

Daughter becomes mother and father becomes child.

time passes through us, stealing the very memories that define us.
As young as 45, others in their golden years

It makes me wonder who decides to turn back the clock? What is crueler than the loss of yourself?

— The End —