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Mary Catherine Jul 2011
The ******

Tried so very hard to please his crew

But you see

Out on the high seas

Tensions run high

But you cannot take words


See the crew loved the ******

They just didn’t know how to show it

In the night

The ****** rowed on a rowboat

Far away from the harsh crew

The crew saw him

Stop they yelled

But the ****** was already gone



Mary Catherine Jul 2011
The pieces you left

Your absence thought hard my love

The pieces you left behind are still sharp

I cant clean them up yet

Shattered on the ground

Fragile baby steps


What you left

Please come back

And pick them up

The edges are dulling

The wounds

Are scarring

Just pick them up my dear

They have been there long enough
Mary Catherine Jul 2011
You unleashed your demons on me

Your deepest darkness

Sent to consume me

You released it quietly

They slid through the back door

So as not to ruin the image

Of the landscape in the front yard

I was not ready to fight off your demons

And you knew


Can be taken very easily

But my hands clutched it tightly

I held on for so long

But your demons were strong

Dressed like angels

They quickly lost their capes

And unleashed themselves

You watched and you knew

Your cheek was turned yet your eyes watched

Was I an easy target?

Left alone


You ushered your demons back in

One day my dear

They will come out the front

And your house will not be safe
Mary Catherine Jul 2011
I took my road and you took yours

Madness un-resolved

Tainted Words


Heat Melding

Your fires raged

Screams spread among the night sky

I read the stars

I felt the heat

The land pulsated with your heartbeat

Quick pants

Your desperation trickled

Down my road

My tires splashed

For my road is healing

Stay away

Burn in the embers

Of your depair
Mary Catherine Jun 2011
You told me your love came today

The postman came

And I looked and looked

But I couldn’t find your love

I searched in the postoffice

But I couldn’t find your love

You whispered

My love cannot be sent

For it is all around you my dear

It is the sun rising

It is the freckles on your face

It is you my dear.
Mary Catherine Jun 2011
I took my boat out

Into the sea of fears

A lonesome journey

With the ambition to explore

In my sturdy boat

Nothing to fear!

My boat is strong!

But my boat was weak



And I slipped into the sea

And hoped for the best

For the sharks do come

And the serpents do bite

And the sea of fears was winninng

I let the current drag me deeper



Mary Catherine Jun 2011
Take me my love

Take my fears



Take me my love

For no one else will.
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