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Martina Mar 2016
Its a new grey day
wind is blowing
all the way.
Makes me suffer
and cry of pain.
My soul is burning
no purpose and meaning
only emptiness
my life is hopeless.
I am walking
in the shadow
in this grey day
without reason
to go ahead
and be strong
I guess.
I might have hope
but its small
as a grain
all black thoughts prevail.
Anyway I fight
inside me
to get those away
but the fear takes over
my life is hopeless.
Martina Oct 2015
I am strong
because I know
what I want.
Power flows
in my veins
and give me wings
and I will not complane.
No more sadness
no more tears
in the darkness.
I will survive
I will never give up

Make a wish
Do a push
every day
all the way

Hold on to love
fight for what you belive.
Take a chance
follow your heart
keep the good things in life.
No more sadness
no more tears
in the darkness
I will survive
I will never give up.
Martina Oct 2015
My sweet grandson Mathias
with eyes so blue
as the coral sea.
And when he smile to me
I discover the whole new world.
Magical feeling envelops me
when we are together
and I show and give him
much love and care.
When he reaches his hands to me
and says: Momoo..
It warms my heart with joy
and gives me strength
to belive and be strong.
I love him from the bottom
of my heart
He shows me that is worth
to live
when I have experience
and quality time with him.
Martina Oct 2015
Rock me babe
wild and hard
move me fast
never stop
Rock me babe
wild and hard
Close your eyes
and see the light
shine so bright
in your eyes
sweetest smile
Rock me babe
wild and hard
Link to the song: Rock me babe
Martina Oct 2015
Lost in you
When I see you
I fell so deep in love
I am lost with you
in the ocean blue
Only sea of time
will shows the way
to a secret place
deep in my heart
Deep in my heart
I am lost in you
I am lost in you
in the sea of love
and every single day
I belive more in you and me
maybe thats the way
it should be
Deep in my heart
I am lost in you
Link to the song:Lost in you
Martina Oct 2015
Early sunday morning
the day is great
the sun is out
the birds are singing
you sleeping next to me
You would be
the first thing I see
in the morning
I love you
would be the first thing I say
You open your eyes
with smile in your face
I bring you black coffee
we talk and we make love slowly
and I just want to make love with you
all day long
I just want to
waste this sunday morning
laying in the bed
holding you
and telling you
that youre all I need
Link to the song: Early sunday morning
Martina Oct 2015
I am trying to hide
the way I feel for you
The way I love you
and all my feelings
are so real
I look into your deep eyes
and dream away
And I just want you
next to me
You can hide your soul but not your love
Maybe its time for you to know
Ive been trying to find
who am I
running away from all my fears
Now we are together
and it never will be better
Link to the song: Hidden love
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