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Hunter Mars Sep 2019
I know I must not mean much to you,
people like me are not far nor few.

But I would go a many great lengths to see your smile,
I would run, swim, and fly no matter the mile.

Suppose your just the head, and I the heart,
it’s truths like these that do us part.
x.x H. Mars
(I wrote this for you, beautiful stranger)
Hunter Mars May 2019
I know now that the greatest lesson of all of had been coming to the realization that it was about more than lingering looks and butterfly kisses.

Love -

It bled sorrow and sacrifice as much as it did lust and longing.

How I’ll never forget the truths I am taught.
x.x H. Mars
(I wrote this for you, third eye)
Hunter Mars Mar 2019
Holding me softly,

Wisdom whispers,

“Happiness is a luxury.. not a choice.”
x.x H. Mars
(I wrote this for you, third eye)
Hunter Mars Mar 2019
And there, you had presented yourself in everything beautiful to me in slow succession.

I catch you, ghosting through the intensely green woods behind my house,

I taste you, notes of smoke and familiar, in the brew I make early on in the morning,

I’ve heard you, a voice singing in showers of seasonal rain, soft and unrelenting,

I’ll smell you, when I grab fistfuls of earth and hold them near, raw with realness,

I’ve felt you, whenever my hand swept across the other, in every pulse throughout me, in all my subtle smiles.
x.x H. Mars
(I wrote this for you, B)
Hunter Mars Feb 2019
A small hand grasped my own as I looked over to meet young, innocent, inquisitive eyes.

“What is love?”

Taken aback, my eyes moved about vacantly as I inwardly searched for a meaning that meant something.

Smiling, I gently squeezed the little fingers intermingled with mine, and softly whispered,

"It is everything."
x.x H. Mars
(I wrote this because of you, my little)
Hunter Mars Feb 2019
Lately she’s worn this little sad smile,
that’s been hidden away for quite some while,

and she’s much too tired to let it not show,
the people in her life pretend not to know,

so she goes forth with sorrow hanging from her lips,
inside it’s much worse, the pain tears and rips,

but no one asks if she’s okay,
all they see is a smile on display,

only when she gets home her job is done,
the weight she feels is no longer a ton.
x.x H. Mars
( I wrote this for you, my brave face)
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