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Yes, she was just a dog.
A dog with the most pure of heart.
An Angel of unconditional love.
A friend, loyal to the end

My personal therapist and
Healer of broken hearts.
She was my best friend
My secret keeper,
My adventure partner.

She was my reason to get out of bed each day,
and my reason to keep trying.
She was my furry little shoulder to cry on.
My laugh when I needed one.

Best of all, she was my teacher.
She taught me forgiveness.
For I said, the purest of heart, she was.
But she was only, "Just a Dog".
My little Woofy chub a lub **** bang left for the
Rainbow bridge on May 21, 2015. May she fly high.
I have loved you before this life.
I love you now and forever.
I will love you again.

Never a regret
Through time, never ending.
Again and Again, my love.
She was my best friend, my everything
We went everywhere together.
We would go on adventures, some
exciting, some dangerous but always fun.
What would we find this time?
Green eyes and brown eyes
all aglow with mystery and excitement.

Buffy was the listener and silent,
always in thought, always there for me.
I would always do the talking, I could
tell her anything, she was never my judge.
When I was sad, she would sit with me.
When I cried, she was there, her head tilted
as though she understood the depth of my pain.

But then she would know exactly when to jump
up and be my little clown!  She made me smile and
then laugh until my stomach hurt and the tears were
happy ones, once again.  She knew me so well,
every mood, sad, happy,fearful, she knew them all.
We could never be separated, not ever.

One day she looked at me and told me with such pain,
that I would have to make a decision of love for her.
She told me with her beautiful brown eyes, that she
must leave me and I must let her go.

She looked into my eyes with such love and asked
for my help. She said she couldn't do it herself,
"This is where you must make the decision to help me go."
Buffy my friend, I love you with all my heart and
that is why I can help you go in peace and dignity.

I held her to the very end, my tears never ending.
I felt her little spirit leave, her little body went limp.
And to the heavens she went. I know she is with me,
always watching over me.  I know she sent me
a very special friend like her, to make my pain
a little easier.

Now that special friend is looking at me and asking,
when it gets too painful, will you be there for me?
Oh God!  Why did you make their lives so much
shorter then ours?  Dog backwards is God, they
were graced with that special name.

Buffy Fly high, my little clown
Be ready to show my boo boo,
the way to the rainbow bridge.
Mommy, loves you.
The day she entered our lives,
was the day we started to fall.
At first I didn't see the signs but
soon it was thrown in my face,
and could no longer pretend it
was not there.

At first I thought it was banter in fun.
She said in a truthful voice, she would
never take another woman's love. Ah,
but she lied I am convinced.

One day it was so clear to me finally.
I saw the look in his eyes. I saw the
the banter for what it really was.  A
****** dance it was.  The slip of an
adoring name, baby.  The walking
her to her car every time.  The endless
messaging at night.

His knowledge of everything about her,
when just seeing me a minute ago, he
couldn't tell me what I wore or had my
hair. He looks at her now, never me anymore.

I fear that brighter star has come too early.
My life is racing to an end.  For as I
have always said, he has all that I am.

He still says, I love you, all the time, but
it doesn't mean the same to me anymore.
He hasn't been with her in that way but
I have always said, you can be untrue in
mind only and I believe he is guilty of that.

I will never know how far it went but he
is still here with me. It has driven a wedge
between us and he doesn't see it. I think he
doesn't want to see it.  I will try to forgive
but I can never forget the hurt because, even
though she is not here, she is here.
Hello again my friend,
its been so long without you.
Our love was thrown away too soon.
We listened to others who never knew
this love of ours.

Hello again, I have loved you through time,
every day, every hour, feeling every second.
I knew then, we would be together again.
Maybe not this lifetime, maybe another.
Hello again, my friend, I have waited so long.
This time we will only hear each others words.

Hello again, my love. We are finally where we belong.
Your arms hold me tight and I will never let you go again.
Through all those wasted years, we will finally be as one.

Hello again, my only reason to live on, my only love,
hello again.
You are so worth going through Hell for because he will be rewarded twenty times his sufferings, for being true to you and loving only you
with a passion that can burn a volcano to cinders. "Yes, Yes, In turn, when I am convinced of that love, he will finally know what paradise feels like."
"He will realize all the others that he felt were so good, moved so good, looked so good, made him feel so on top of it all, was only just step one
of the 20 steps I can take him to, if I so choose."  "So far, I have not taken anyone to the twentieth step yet.  What a shame, what a loss, never to
really know that in the end, I am everything they could ever imagine they wanted or needed."  "It is sad that a man is only as faithful as his options."
"He turns away ecstasy himself, for maybe, if he is lucky, one hour of sweaty, soon to forget, body pounding, while being silently judged on a scale of 1 to 10
his ability to service the shallow, money grubbing, dead *****, that he so thought he needed instead of 20 steps to heaven forever."  Someday I know
there will be a Man, a Man of morals, of a soft, slow touch, one that did not need to prove himself in many beds, one that just knew and then so did I. I will
stand on the twentieth step, looking full into that man's face and he will be looking into my eyes of green, we will smile because we both took each other to the
Twentieth Step.
My Mother, always in her own little world.
Never there to listen.
What she didn't see or hear, never was.

She never seemed happy.
Never had the love she needed.
Her three husbands, all a disappointment.
They never gave her the love she so craved.

Always looking for something that would never be.
So many times I wanted to say, what's wrong?
but she was always  in her own little world.
She never heard a word I said.

I wanted to know things, I wanted to tell her things.
but she was never here, safe in her own little world.
I learned very fast how to go where she went,
she was a very good teacher.

Her belief was, what you don't see or hear,
can't hurt you or it just never was.
Everything was a secret,
don't tell, never tell, was her motto.

I think about her and I get very sad.
To the day she died, there was no love.
I loved you, Mother.
You just didn't hear me.
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