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Mark Bell Nov 2019
Crawling out from under my stone
10,000 years I've been there,have I?
My prey is that I want to eat myself
So I can become something I'm not.

Devil ,God and the deep blue sea
Everybody seems to want a part of me.

I have no mirrors, there evil.
Mark Bell Nov 2019
Dead dead when you could have lived
Freedom is it all worth it.
You experience no freedom when your dead
Bullet in the brain, medal on chest
Do warmongers really want to do there best.
Let's all run with the monkey pack
**** or be killed thats what they say
death is just a battlefield
where children fear to play.
War memorials,
obituaries in tutorials
A statue,poppy oh so read
War is a game,
A game to play where the participants end up dead.
Mark Bell Nov 2019
Sweet Marie a lover of mine
oh well she died
I didn't,I never cried.
Sweet Marie,oh was so sweet
I wished,why did we meet.
Sleeping alone has its desire
sweet Marie died,then she caught fire.
I got her ashes in a urn
Love is for idiots when do we learn.
Mark Bell Nov 2019
To love is to sing in lovers meadows
To love is to burn,to love is to bury
To love is to bleed in lovers eyes
And then ditch them.
Mark Bell Nov 2018
Born in chains
Razor blade rains
Freezing cold fires
Non born desires

The faith I keep
I shall not weep
Battles daily
Battlefield called life
These chains I fight

I ride into the sun
On a sleigh of ice
I dance in the rain
Knowing its all inane

Chained into restrictions
I was born ,to many rules
Chained into a stewpot
These links I must fool

Bound to be unbounded
I need to be freed
Chains and lock
Keep me an unfertilised seed

My life .
My chair
My chains
My faith
I die
Mark Bell Nov 2018
A heart without love
Space without stars
an unused womb
It's a lonely place.

Unspoken words
An unwritten tune
A melody without a stave
Who am I to walk alone
Slowly to my grave.

Withering away
Closing of mind
Sadness of the dark
I am the lonely place
Mark Bell Nov 2018
Trees they wave
To welcome the birds
I sit and drink my tea
Thine eyes are the portal
To my imagination
Why is number four next to three?
I wonder in awe
My gaze is blind
welcoming hello's
It's sweet I find.
On a day dreaming bench
My thirst I shall quench
As the trees welcome in the birds.
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