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*** Heavy Load

stick to the mountain by the sea
capture me through the breeze;
filter through the notion of ten
living in the want of searching

living then breathing columns to swing
she was so hot a bargain,
pulsating mix hero in the twist...
there she goes near want not need

search in the above march of diamonds
heavy search the king of diamonds
while a while we simply let go
bust up the beep onto the tempo

searching, faces & pull...
by the ocean breeze
knock you to your knees
busy as a bee

now is the time that drives men clear
Chevy charge a bed falls near
a staff well known to clear
the Flight Of The Alabastor;

*** heavy load
thats all we near
the faces, traces & bases
large quick region onto its season
peril a good thing eat after Burger king
cling to my ding a jing
Delightful Excursion
beg at me to blow
a stop at New Mexico
faces, space & grow
minus the vibrant chore
hit the middle in search to deliver
travel deep in the wood you got hold of things yet
peril suspension with words well claimed
poets to poetry a word to set men free
on a delightful excursion barren tree maze
the first steps to peril mistakes
caring, sharing & crossing
keep your head up high
traveling blissful sigh
These Are The Days
At the tender age of ten I was on the edge
Thoughts within my head spinning records instead
Gave my heart to the risen savior he had thought I'd have a tender favor
In time I would rise in my teenaged gang banging days of the brave
Want to be polite sipping on some crystal light never giving up the fight
Like a cartoon character wasn't too mysterious had to get serious

Wanted to live in harmony got my dope joint rap through its timeless gravity
Building walls on pins in needles I would soar as a hustler why do I even bother
Cause I'm the Christian gangsta not a wanna be prankster
There's something about the name Jesus its the sweetest name I know
Bust up the beat to promote its tempo plowing the fields
When the holy ghost moves ya he won't leave you alone

Many heads being turned another page has been turned
Sweet as honey as sweet as the honey comb
At the name of Jesus every knee has to bow
You don't have to wait you can do it right now
Have to walk through the fire burning it up with purest of desire

Something about the name Jesus its the sweetest name I know
Today I preach as we meet and greet I got those dancing feet
Last night I awoke to a dream with Jesus helping me
Don't take him for granted he is their for your help
If My Dreams Breath To Take On Flight
a bearded lady bare to compose
circled through the variation in my dream
A wasteful spent
a useful vent

Turkey in the middle of a date
God only knows
God only knows...
search within a spectrum vault

here I come,
each step that I take
another page to make
loosen up gold as to silver
basking in the wilderness
Here I am again
a parchment from a fly
lift high the American brand

Trump was here below the price for beer
castaway shutters we bring through the covers
whiskers through the *** pipe embrace the skull
shattered dreams embraced the deep,

listen as nasty nature means
Bernie, still in the political game
Mr. Sanders searched underneath the covers
If my dreams breath to take on flight

etched in gold wonder boy wonder
etched through the vibration dealt to reason
cross the street...
safe to stand still to repeat
sadness, on a new type swing..
stretched to silver no gold to be found
Enter Stage Left
go inside it's human way to pride
thank God I'm alive
shelter through the storm
curse the day you were actually born
save through the pillow while you sleep
take another peek

salvation is in the hand of God
shelter lies dormant onto it's beckoning plow
Crack In The Stove
Listen to the pine splits
crack in the stove
clouds down our roof like
burnt pine, milk
The smell of come in the shack

A breeze on the wall
from boiling tomatoes
A baby snorts air
while it ***** a tender breast

it was time to put apricots
out in the sun,
cover them with cheesecloth

Nothing but the whine of bad mud
between the cabin logs
I hum Cold Blew The Bliss
to the cild, touch fattened dough
I wait for the sound of his truck
hoeing a splutter of thawed ditch

And when he comes he points his rifle
at the floor, lets the dog
smell his pants

Soup's about done
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