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His texts were like a zipper,
an opening to an old wound
where the worm ate sunrays in his guts

he made fire
again and again,

until all extinguished
with one bang

©Marialenn 04/21/2018
Put down your veil so I can recognize you
show me your light,

your changing colors
without paint

I remember that white dress
like wings it was

you went a different way
there at the crossroads

you came, silently
returning not blurred
but immensely present

© Marialenn 11/07/2017
hold me, she said
against all knowledge
a rhetorical question

let me go, she said
against all knowledge
a rhetorical question

the force of connected souls

the sky
she touched
the earth
he moved
it was

© Marialenn Langendoen 11/04/2017
Went for an evening walk
with many people walking around
a scheduled walk
everyday at the same time
it seems..
get to see & feel
more often than before.
An old man walking everyday
at his own pace
taking baby step at his old age..
Another man, unable to walk at all..
but still striving to make one more step..
so as to keep moving on the go...
Unexpectedly, out of all the thoughts
heard a dog's bark
that too behind the walls
and as I turned aside
only to find a caged dog..
May be jealous of all of us
as it may seem we are free
in this vast array of light..
...and all of a sudden met my friend..
a wholehearted smile...
she missed me it seems
as I was away for a while...
A sudden burst of laughter
with incomplete talks..
Good to meet people unknown
but somehow known
as we all are walking in the same lane
to find ourselves more often than others!
Walking around opens up so many aspects in life..
watching the smallest details of life makes our life
so much more meaningful with new findings each time..
your shelter faintly visible
a motionless silhouette
colorless in the mist  


these tiny pieces of heaven
in my stomach
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