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Mara Apr 2017
Just when scabs scrape
Bleeding subsides
Time prevails
And then a sudden ache
Translucent emotions
Awakened once again

Can't refrain from thinking
Of the first
And last
Moments of whatever it was

Stopped and thought
Of the woman you loved
I loved, but was I believed

This night
Wish to remind

I did love
Or at least tried
To touch seams
Embrace needles
Forget bondages

All the marks are fading
Take hold before they're
Forever a memory
Mara Apr 2017
My tongue feels foreign
And awakened when
Saying hello to you

When you smile back
I blush

I don't know anything
But this heartbeat
And your face

I don't know anything
I don't know anything
Mara Apr 2017
Maybe being alone is too comfortable
I don't know what I was hiding from
Or scared of
I do know that the silence has
Grown on me
He is special, but I must label
Him ordinary to keep my
Heart at bay
The truth is,
I daydream of our being
Interconnecting to make a universe of possibilities
To experience the happiness,
Sorrow, frustration, and ease
That cannot be experienced ever just alone

Just alone
Just alone

But I don't want to drift away
With the idea that I am never just alone
To give my whole existence to him
Keeps my mind tranquil
Yet chaotic
Mara Apr 2017
Cross the border of familiarity
I've become a stranger to myself
Treading unspoken territory
Inevitably forgetting the past
We are runaway children
The sun beats on
We beat on
Where do we lay our heads
If every night I lie awakened
Slip into unconsciousness
The lines between alive
And living are blurred
And in every sunrise and
Sunset we look for something
If God plays hide and seek
Then we must be what
We've been searching for
Mara Apr 2017
You tried to build something to love
Rather than a home
Everyone kept telling you to be strong
When you needed just anyone
14 winters and summers have passed
The sun has made you leather
And I have become water

I can't stay any longer
I can't stay any longer

Forgive my feigned ignorance
I was but a child
In a house full of people
With forgotten youth
I can't save you here
Please let it go
Mara Dec 2015
I've suddenly become very aware of the heaviness of my own body
The massive density of my bones
I never realized how much effort it was to lift my fingers
And to take care of the body I've been destined with forever
My eyes glue to a computer screen
Every unfinished immortality project sits on my desk
Collecting dust and forgotten ideas
I could've been a genius, my mother says
Oh but there is passion in me, I feel it writhing when I play Debussy
From Hendrix to B.B King yes, I can feel myself erupting
But every morning when the light bathes me in the new morning hope
It is only somedays I successfully get up
It is only a couple days when peace visits me,
The wind feels cleaner in my room and my mouth is no longer a grave for unsaid words
But I still hide in myself and wear the faces of others
Salinger taught me sarcasm with the help of Holden Caulfield
I practice late night insanity with Bukowski
Some sage old wisdom with western philosopher, Alan Watts
And even my optimism sprouted from Timothy Leary
Not even the moon is unfamiliar with my facets
My mind is littered with the thoughts of a dying breed
Someone who sought after something that is not of this world
Or it used to be
Mara Nov 2015
Passion is fleeting when you surround yourself with pleasure. The Beast is not tamed, he is simply waiting for his prey to give in to comfort. People see death in life as a final goal for humans, but no matter how long you stare into the dark the shadows will not consume you. We take the first step towards heaven seeking enlightenment. Those who claim success can never be proved wrong. A God does not matter to the world, but the person. Boredom is another word describing inattention. Excitement is becoming curious all over again. Nothing satisfies the seeker. The world should keep you begging for more. Fall in love with the ecstasy of not knowing where you will land and you'll finally reach where I stand.
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