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Manigma Feb 2012
I told you all my secrets
The things I hide down deepest
You threw them away
Put them up for display
You let the others tear me to pieces
They called me a *** and gay
I had nowhere to go, just like a stray

You were my friend
I trusted you with them all
Instead you let me fall

You used me to stand
When I asked for help, You released my hand
Cutting the life supporting strand

I guess this is goodbye
I thought you would understand
Down inside I'm the same man
But deep down in the end
I'm still watching out for you, my friend
Manigma Feb 2012
Day and night it never feels right
Torture me while the sun burns bright
Cast me out into the darkest days
Shut out my rainbow rays

Make fun of my clothes
Touch my hair
I'll really show you
I don't care

We were friends
We trusted another
We shared the hardship, sought help from each other
Just because I'm bi, I'm no longer your brother?
Manigma Mar 2011
I think about you all day long
This feelings I have still burn strong
Throughout the night and days
I sit here longing for you gaze

I'll wait for our our paths to cross
Until the day you pass my way
I'll count the seconds , hours and days
Until I see your beautiful face
I'll stay and wait for you right here
Just to tell you how i feel

I want to be with you
Sit beside and tell you
Of all the people on this Earth
Of all the people, I fell for you

That day, I'll tell you
That, I don't care what people say
All the days I've spent waiting for this day
To go up and tell you
**I love you
Manigma Mar 2011
I fell for you
Oh, how swell I am
For me to be
So madly, deeply in love
With you know who?
Of course its you

I've got a crush on you
With all the things you do
Because the way you make me feel
Makes everything unreal

You're an angel so sweet and pure
I saw you standing there
I knew theres no other cure
Except fall in love with you

The fact I cant breathe when you're near  
Brings me to the edge of tears
Because moving away  from you is something i cant bear
Manigma Mar 2011
Be the light to guide me through
All the darkness here before
Take them all away once more
I love you is more than enough

I can tell how long Ive wanted to say this
you give me strength and take the pain
no matter how bad or long the day
and you're the one to blame

I was never fine on my own
Lost,lonely and alone
You guided me to whats right
now, guide me back to your light

Reignite the old flame
Extend the candle to lessen the pain
Light a match that always burns
No water or wind can take what we've regained

Its been too long of that i'm sure
To bring back whats been hurt
but I want to remember
those feeling of that march 5
one ill never deny
mainly a poem about a lost couple reigniting the old flame
Manigma Feb 2011
I saw you day in and day out
I never began to doubt
That only you would make me happy
Because I never counted on that

I saw your smile through the sadness
And the smile drives me to madness
I cant stop thinking of you
Your eyes so colorful and blue

Everytime darkness appears on my soul
I think of you to brighten my day
because you take all the pain away

You make the others dissapear
Even when I gaze from up here
My decision is clear
Losing you is the only thing i fear

Stay so we may never part
Stay so that the tears wont start
or at the very least
Stay in my heart
Manigma Dec 2010
I stand at where i always am
eating rice with ham
without the place I should be
left alone I will stay
until that special day

I am accepted back

Into the crowd of misfits
Who raise the bar of theater acting
Never lacking in their talents
Singing a story along with dancing
A story of virtues and different cultures

A new time is born on the stage

Each show though the same is different
It is that difference that makes you stand out
different emotions blending into one
different actions relating to the emotions
it's different and we
the people on that stage

we make the story

I understand Shakespeare when he says ""All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players"

Its because on the stage we show a story
and on that stage we also make our own
Im sorry it seems more like my thoughts than a poem i hope you enjoyed it
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