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Malerie Serra Mar 2014
confusion never stops
my mind can not stop running
over the faint foggy memories
of that night.

alcohol running
through my veins
moving -
conversing -  
flirting -
my body now a shell
for the alcohol to consume
take over.

my soul slowly vanishing.
a new person emerging
from the dark depths
of the night.

attempting to fill

from the night.
from the poison
i willingly consumed.

so i cry
the tears stream
down my face.
to remember-
Malerie Serra Feb 2014
When it tickles in your toes
unable to keep a straight face
cheek to cheek a grin of white teeth
warm inside feelings of rosy pink
that moment when everything is right
no matter the height or lousy sight
when theres never a fight
that can break the bright in spite of love taking a flight
Malerie Serra Feb 2014
Sunken ship
Bullet to the chest
But then-
You can just confess

You were erroneous.
Malerie Serra Dec 2013
I saw my last sunset
spun out of control
darkness knocking at my door
no longer could I hide
stillness in my life
the bells were ringing

Darkness crossing over
dimming the glowing light of my soul
helplessness befell upon me
it interposed my life
and well being

Running in circles - I was falling

Reborn into a world of evil
shinning with the others in the name of our savior
caught my fall
open your door with open arms
no fear - only light

I will not stop for death
running with the light not hiding from the dark
now I rule my world
I saw my first sunrise

— The End —