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 Feb 2015 MAJD S
 Feb 2015 MAJD S
I know          

                          I know

I know

And I want to say it all

But I've got a little cockroach

Resting on my lips

And I'm afraid

It'll crawl inside

If I open my mouth
 Jul 2014 MAJD S
Taylor Lagano
Text: "I wish u could just be happy"
                         Text: "I'm happy with you

Are you not "happy" anymore with me?
Can you not stand me?
Then why the **** are you still with me?
Why the **** am I still here?

Please be my guest and define happy?

I went to a funeral today to show me death is so real. Told my friend. He said death might be real, but life is just as real.

This morning I watched the way the sky blends like a man pushing down, ******* it to some how make it perfect when it already was. I can't explain what happy or beautiful means because, I've never been called that by someone who has stayed.

So don't tell me those things

We're not happy anymore.
 Jul 2014 MAJD S
Taylor Lagano
You're lips, like sandpaper now that I think about it, but twice the man he'll be.
A lighter, I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to put it to my lips and burn every inch of your kiss off, but
I don't.
I simply rub my eyes hard enough to blur the image of you driving because it was always my favorite place to be.
In the passenger seat, I'm not the driver. Not in control.
My pillow
My shirt
My hair
My hands
My lips
Smell like you,
A Band-Aid drenched in lonely.
I'm cold, like snow, but, just as beautiful.
And you're black, like coal, but, will always be beautiful.
 Apr 2014 MAJD S
Budour Al Issaei
What can we do with all these faces of boredom

Can't we just shoo them away

What can we do with all these faces of depression?

Can't we just place a smile right on his face?

What is possible in the world today?

What are we accomplishing nowadays

Most people laugh and smile and act as if everything is okay

When really deep inside they are breaking and crying and they really feel like dying

But really .....

What can we do today ?

All people now do is cry ... And cry
And drown in there very own tears

and we don't even try

At least not out best

Well here I am today ... Trying to change your perspective in what you do

And how you do it

Well let me just conclude this


Our world needs this creativity, the creativity we lost by our distracticness and selfishness

Let's get it back let's try ...
 Apr 2014 MAJD S
Budour Al Issaei
He is an elephant of black and white
                              Honored with eyes just too bright
                                     He fights for his people
                       Keeping them as High as a building’s steeple
                            After years of glory he has rested
                      It’s all back to us; we have bean tested
                                      I half white half black
                         People whom are lying on my back
                                 We will finish this war
                                  I open the first door
                        People have caused all this chaos
                            I am tiered from all the loss
                                  Rise the white flag
                            No more bodies to drag
                              We speak to freedom
           What are people doing drinking all that ***?
                We hold the power of a thousand apes
              We need these men to push these breaks
                  I remember the day we cried please
                    As the mountain echo the seas

Written by my brother: bader al Issaei
 Jan 2014 MAJD S
rained-on parade
I want to tell you

Everything there is
to know about me.

About how I ran from
the highest hill down
to feel the air push
me behind.

Once I bent down
before God
and asked Him to give me
death over happiness.

I used to believe that
dust was nothing but
dead memories
fallen away from us.

I will tell you everything.
If only you asked.

Because I want to.

I want to give you
a piece of my mind.
I want you to get
inside the mind that controls
this melancholy body.

I want you to get
inside the chambers of my heart
and wrest dark secrets
from its broken symphonies.

Fix it.

I will tell you anything.
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