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Jan 2014
I want to tell you

Everything there is
to know about me.

About how I ran from
the highest hill down
to feel the air push
me behind.

Once I bent down
before God
and asked Him to give me
death over happiness.

I used to believe that
dust was nothing but
dead memories
fallen away from us.

I will tell you everything.
If only you asked.

Because I want to.

I want to give you
a piece of my mind.
I want you to get
inside the mind that controls
this melancholy body.

I want you to get
inside the chambers of my heart
and wrest dark secrets
from its broken symphonies.

Fix it.

I will tell you anything.
rained-on parade
Written by
rained-on parade  Sheffield, England
(Sheffield, England)   
       Kelly Anne, ---, ---, ---, --- and 72 others
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