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At this moment all I have to do is exist
I have no responsibilities
I owe nothing to anyone

At this moment I am just a body
I don't need to do anything
I can breathe

At this moment I am at peace
Love is funny thing
It has never been easy for me-
Opening up to someone

But with you it was so easy
Seemingly perfect
You know
that you
are really sad
when you being
to write
a poem in the
middle of the night
Yesterday I saw you for the first time in a long time
When I say you my heart stopped
I have missed you so much
My heart dropped

"I miss you"
"I love you"

These are the words
I said to you
And you? --
You said
"I just don't know"

What am I supposed to do now?
Move on?

But I still love you
as I lay in bed at night
not being able to sleep
I stare at the moonlight

right now the moon is the only reliable thing in my life
a friend that is always there
listens and never judges you
that's the only time that I don't feel alone

and I know this doesn't rhyme
but for the longest time I haven't felt
feelings are complicated
the moon isn't
a continuous cycle
always waiting for it's arrival

pretty ****** I know
not that talented
but I'll be honest
I still look at the photos

I remember all the nights
when we both looked at the moonlight

but now I stare endlessly at the moonlight hoping you are too
sometimes I feel like I'm living in the past
I mean it kinda amazes me
how everything can happen so fast
living in a state of complete flashbacks

constantly having feelings that I can't describe
having so much to say
but not having the guts to say it
kinda feeling like it's time for me to quit
“Just one of days”
That’s what i say
“I’ll be okay”
But there is always a price to pay

Always feeling like crap
And then i finally snap

No one can understand
I already have a plan

Pretty easy
Not like it's hard
But to some that would be greedy
The line between greedy and necessary
Has gone blurred
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