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Amanda Brown Jul 20
Hope is when you send a simple text with the hope that he comes barging into your room wishing you back.

Hope is when you constantly look at your text messages and hope he blows up your phone the way you would with him.

Hope is a knife that goes deeper and deeper in your heart every time you think of the future with him.

Hope is when you cry in your room everyday because you hope that one day your pain will go away and your happiness will come back.  

Hope is when you’re still holding on to the idea of him knocking at your door that everytime you hear a knock, you think it’s him.

But hope is the fact that you can’t bring yourself to delete any of your photos because you hope that everything will be mended. And one day you can make a collage with all the photos from the beginning. Maybe even showing your future kids, future grandkids.

— The End —