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Madeline Killeen Jun 2019
Artists capture moments.
They capture moments with patience, with perspective.
Artists capture moments in different ways.

A photographer will show you the beautiful butterfly,
resting on a flower.

The painter will show you what is out of frame,
a little girl staring in wonder.

And the poet will tell you how magical it was,
how the park quieted for a moment when the
butterfly flew and landed on her nose-

Then there it is - a photo, of pure joy.

Then all three artists, smiling in awe at this moment.
This small, precious moment.
One many would have missed.
But now is forever immortalized,
by observant souls.
Madeline Killeen Jun 2019
I've been trying to draw lately,
and failing miserably.
Trying to capture someone,
with only a pencil.

I keep trying to draw him and
I am not sure why.
I have plenty of pictures.
But this is different,
not simply knowing what he looks like,
but remembering it, repeating it.
It could be useful one day,
to have him like that.

Perhaps we should all try drawing our loved ones.
To never forget the curves of their faces,
the dimples, the freckles.
The imperfections the camera blurs.
So we will forever have them with us,
in our hands.
Simply brought out, remembered,
by a pencil.
Madeline Killeen Oct 2018
the universe
has gifted me
a patient soul
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