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1.6k · May 2017
Puzzle Pieces
Madeline Killeen May 2017
I am glad you
Have her now
She must fit
Better, I think
Her hands in yours,
Your bodies
Wrapped together.
We never fit,
We were
Two puzzle pieces
That look as if
They belong, and
You try, you try to
Force them to bend and
Fit together,
But you can’t.
Maybe I was too big,
Or you to sharp,
We almost fit.
I hope she does,
I hope she is your
Missing puzzle piece
1.0k · Jul 2017
my favorite song
Madeline Killeen Jul 2017
i have always been a lover of words
novels, poetry, music, conversation
the syllables, sentences strung together
just right create a symphony that
makes my head spin and heart flutter

and your words...
they have become my favorite song

but for the first time in my life,
i am starting to see how
actions can be better than sounds

i love your words, but i want you
to show me what they mean

please, you've written beautiful music,
now dance with me.
he says he wants me, but I wish he would show me
973 · Jul 2017
Madeline Killeen Jul 2017
He wants to read my poems,
he wants to see what
I have written about him.
I wonder why I am so scared
for him to see my thoughts
laid bare with no filters.
Maybe because I still have that fear
that he will run away
once he realizes how real this is.
763 · Oct 2018
Madeline Killeen Oct 2018
the universe
has gifted me
a patient soul
659 · Jun 2017
Madeline Killeen Jun 2017
whenever I return
to the Cape, and am
kissed by the salty breeze
I realize that I left
a piece of myself
on the rocky beach

the Cape belongs to
the young girl who
wouldn't have her
freckles if it wasn't for
the August sun

the girl who pretended
to be a mermaid trapped
in the pool, trying to find her
way home, to the ocean

the Cape belongs to
the young woman who
wasn't comfortable in
her own skin, and
covered up

the woman who learned
that dusk was her favorite
time to visit the beach,
with ice cream in her hand
and her toes in the sand

Every year, I have less and less
time to return here,
but every time I do I see them

They are in awe of me
So alike, so different
The sun hasn't stopped
scattering me with freckles
Especially now,
I no longer hide my skin

And though I don't pretend,
I still wish I was a mermaid

Even though I don't visit enough,
With every trip I find myself
On the beach, at dusk

With my toes in the sand,
and ice cream on my lips,
I realize,
A part of my soul
will always be here
386 · Dec 2017
frozen smiles
Madeline Killeen Dec 2017
frozen smiles are our
own person shadows.
the sun is not necessary.

it is funny how we
smile without
genuine happiness.
force the muscles to
turn and in turn
hope we look lively.

and there is the shadow,
it is in the empty smile
there is no light there,
but, light is not the
only beauty.

i love photos
with no smiles.
the ones with fierce glares
or grieving eyes.
give me a scene with
real life, anger, sorrow.

i would rather see that,
feel that,
than be met
with emptiness.
383 · Jun 2017
Madeline Killeen Jun 2017
the embers
danced just for me

who knew a
dying thing

could be so
364 · May 2017
A Cold Coffin
Madeline Killeen May 2017
White, cold, wet, sharp
It stings, nips
It buries,
Buries you in its
Heavy blanket
Let it, do not fight
This cold coffin
Could be home
Let the sharp breaths
Stab your lungs
Allow the wetness to
Wash you away
Become the cold, the ice
Disappear in the white-
Be at peace.
350 · May 2017
Madeline Killeen May 2017
Stranger with the kind eyes,
sit, stay a while

Stranger with the sweet smile,
teach me what brightens it

Stranger with the soft lips,
let me taste them

Stranger with the sharp tongue,
show me what it can do

You handsome stranger,
stop being a stranger

and let me memorize
every inch of you
333 · Jun 2017
Madeline Killeen Jun 2017
the Cape is a place
where time stops,
and all that moves
are the waves and breezes,
bicycle wheels and boats
295 · Jun 2018
Madeline Killeen Jun 2018
Welcome, please come in
The entrance fee is one smile
After that, for every hour you stay
you owe me a laugh
This house runs on laughter

Be pure and joyful, please
stay as long as you'd like.
267 · Oct 2018
Madeline Killeen Oct 2018
I fear I am losing him,
to himself.

He is seeing all the things he wants to be.
I wonder when he'll realize,

that version of himself,
might not want me.
266 · Aug 2018
Dancing Souls
Madeline Killeen Aug 2018
I work with many elderly people and they all sing the same song.
“Honey, whatever you do, don’t get old.”
They usually say this when a seemingly simple task is too difficult.
Their bones all sing the same the song too.
A stiff tune, no rhythm, off key.
Every movement, an awkward note in a song no one wants to sing.
It makes me realize how little my body has lived, and how ungrateful I am.
On the days when I “can’t” get out of bed,
I inevitably end up swinging my legs over the edge,
And hopping up, greeting a day of possibility with grumpiness.
Oh what my friends would give for my bones,
The joints that move them, the muscles that carry.
My body is an upbeat, joyful song I rarely let anyone hear.
I feel as if my body is heavy with the weight of the future on my chest;
Theirs is heavy with the past on their back.
But how lucky are they to have lived such long lives,
Lives full enough that their body can’t recover.
And how lucky am I to have one before me…
And though they can’t hop out of bed,
I cannot count the number of times they’ve danced with me while I am holding them up.
Can you imagine? Loving life so much that you’re willing to risk extra aching and pain,
All for a second of pure joy.
Just for a second, of two perfectly imperfect melodies, harmonizing.
Just for a second, two young souls,
249 · May 2017
Madeline Killeen May 2017
Just one person.
One person, one body.
Two hands, two eyes.
One bed.

Just two people.
Two people, two bodies.
Four hands, four eyes.
One bed.

Give me the crowded bed.
The tangled limbs,
Perfectly warm.
Let my sleepy eyes open,
To you.
249 · May 2017
Dance; A Love Story
Madeline Killeen May 2017
The quickest way,
To a women’s heart,
Is through her ears.

When she hears
Hypnotic melodies,
Those sweet nothings.

Start with her ears
Soon her body follows
One with the sound.

Music will sweep
Her off her feet.
Twirl her around.

Find the right tune
She will always
Come back for more.

Get her moving,
In that blissful state,
Of just being
And she’ll be yours.
232 · Sep 2017
sing, sing, sing
Madeline Killeen Sep 2017
he loves me, he loves me, he loves me, i sing
the song is on repeat in my head
he loves me, he loves me, he loves me
the melody swirls in my mind
he has become my favorite song
218 · Dec 2017
Madeline Killeen Dec 2017
you are the fruit on the table,
but I am the artist.
I take what you are, and
enhance. not just red no,
I give you white, green,
add the sun, the shadows,
the streaks. make the fruit,
more than itself.

you are the subject,
but honey I am the painter.
everyone knows,
a masterpiece,
never makes themselves.
205 · May 2017
Madeline Killeen May 2017
It is the bottom of the deep end
It is the highest apple on the tree
It is a perfect score on the test
It is a goal, a finish line
It is something we all like to think we have
It is the belief we can do anything
It is unique to every person
It is wasted by many
It is my biggest fear, that
I will never reach my own.
198 · May 2017
Madeline Killeen May 2017
They speak of you everywhere,
Books, movies, friends
I hear you arrive when
Hands are held, or
Eyes connect,
Or even with small smiles,
Excited thoughts
You show up when the
Presence of one person,
Excites another, even if
They do not yet know,
Why they are excited
Your fluttering wings,
Remind them to pay attention
This one is special
You say while filling
Their stomach with nerves

I heard about you,
All of the time
Books, movies, friends
I never thought you
Would visit me
With the others,
You never appeared,
I waited for the flutter
That never arrived
Though tonight, there it was
The sensation in my stomach
Was more than welcome,
Thank you, you are right
He is special
So please,
My butterfly friends,
Stay a while
197 · Jun 2019
Madeline Killeen Jun 2019
I've been trying to draw lately,
and failing miserably.
Trying to capture someone,
with only a pencil.

I keep trying to draw him and
I am not sure why.
I have plenty of pictures.
But this is different,
not simply knowing what he looks like,
but remembering it, repeating it.
It could be useful one day,
to have him like that.

Perhaps we should all try drawing our loved ones.
To never forget the curves of their faces,
the dimples, the freckles.
The imperfections the camera blurs.
So we will forever have them with us,
in our hands.
Simply brought out, remembered,
by a pencil.
195 · May 2017
Poetry & Makeup
Madeline Killeen May 2017
Both, are escapes.
I write when I need to express
When I am bursting with emotion,
I pick up the pen.

I pick up the brush, to distract.
Don't focus on the tears, no.
Focus on the eyes, lips, cheekbones.

My face is a landscape.
I plant flowers on my lids and lips,
Trim my eyebrows,
Grow my lashes.

A sense of accomplishment, at the end.
In the mirror my beauty shines,
A little more brightly.
I forgot why the tears visited.
My pink lips smile.
190 · May 2017
Madeline Killeen May 2017
Usually, when he
touches me, I
pull away

I leaned in
held on

My breath

My stomach,

It was as if
he was always
meant to be there

I wish I knew
what that
Madeline Killeen Dec 2017
how can he not see
the narcissism of his tongue.
to think that if i ever,
poured my heart, my pain,
into a collection of
words, stories and poems
that if i ever
took the time,
to give myself like that,
it would be for him.
189 · May 2017
Madeline Killeen May 2017
Don't shy away
Step in it
Firm, plant your boots
Squish, until your
Slick, dark
Let it engulf you,
You are no longer,
You are Earth,
Dirt, roots, and worms
Stay a while, then
Grow, sprout
There, see the sun?
It is brighter now, yes?
Up, out
You've bloomed
186 · Jun 2018
Late April in Massachusetts
Madeline Killeen Jun 2018
the birds are singing today,
so loud and beautiful as if to say
it is Spring remember, please
it is Spring

then the snow lands on my skin,
cold and wet, as if to say
I am still here, please
*don't forget me
185 · Jul 2017
Madeline Killeen Jul 2017
I am scared of
love, loneliness, and failure

I fear that after being
loved, and losing it,

The loneliness will
drown me

And that failure,
will stain everything
185 · Jul 2017
Madeline Killeen Jul 2017
your kisses,
left smiles
all over my face

hours later,
they're still there
Madeline Killeen Jan 2018
Makeup is an art.
Confidence is life changing.
Friends can be cruel.
Unconditional love is real.
Music is food for the soul.
Dance is prayer for the body.
Age can be insignificant.
Breakfast dates create an unbreakable bond.
Movies are best in bed with cozy blankets.
Car rides are made for singing.
Love is messy.
Families fight.
Families forgive.
Forever friendship, exists.
184 · Jul 2017
Madeline Killeen Jul 2017
If there was a prize for letting hot drinks turn cold,
I would win it. Every time.
Every time I make coffee or tea
I make it with all the excitement a hot drink
can bring.
Sweet warmth. Forgotten.
Hours later, I find the cup.
The steam is gone. I reheat it. The taste is off now.
Is sadness a flavor? Is disappointment?
Why do I do this?
Let all the things in my life,
go bad without enjoying them?
Friendships, moments.
If you don't appreciate them at the time,
they'll be forever tainted, hollow.
You can go back, try again, remember.
But it is never the same.

Maybe I don't let myself enjoy things,
because I'm scared of them ending.
What happens when I finish my cup of tea?

It is just tea.
There is always more.

*Maybe that's the problem.
180 · Aug 2018
my body is heavy
Madeline Killeen Aug 2018
The weight of everything I am not
sits on my chest every day.
The fear of falling tugs on my legs.

I am stagnant in this life,
and I am so stuck I cannot change it.
I am foolishly wishing for the
universe to notice me,
for a cosmic intervention.

Thinking that will give me purpose.
But I am so frozen,
staring in one direction,
I never look up.

Perhaps the stars are trying
to tell me something profound,
and I will never see.

And I think that is the heaviest,
and saddest burden to bear
of them all.
177 · May 2017
Madeline Killeen May 2017
Trains, cars, planes
Buses, bikes, boats
Always traveling,
You have reached
Your destination-
Now on to the next one
We travel to travel
Being in one place
Is boring, predictable
But constantly moving
Now that's freedom
But it can be lonely,
If you keep
Coming and going,
Who will greet you?
Who will miss you?
Maybe the trains and planes,
175 · Jun 2019
Madeline Killeen Jun 2019
Artists capture moments.
They capture moments with patience, with perspective.
Artists capture moments in different ways.

A photographer will show you the beautiful butterfly,
resting on a flower.

The painter will show you what is out of frame,
a little girl staring in wonder.

And the poet will tell you how magical it was,
how the park quieted for a moment when the
butterfly flew and landed on her nose-

Then there it is - a photo, of pure joy.

Then all three artists, smiling in awe at this moment.
This small, precious moment.
One many would have missed.
But now is forever immortalized,
by observant souls.
174 · Jul 2017
Madeline Killeen Jul 2017
i've realized that every time
we get close to jumping,
i pull my toes off the edge of the cliff
the impending fall seeming like too much of a risk,
but you never let go of my hand,
I've always been ready to jump, you say
and you patiently wait for me to
inch back towards the edge,
never rushing the process
of instilling bravery back into my veins
it might take me a little while
before i am ready to jump
but as long as you keep
holding my hand
i'll believe you when you say
you're falling with me
and we'll catch each other.
174 · Apr 2018
Madeline Killeen Apr 2018
When I asked him what he was thinking,
he said nothing.

He can do that apparently,
just sit there, relaxing.
His mind a calm sea.

I am always thinking.
I cannot stop.

Waves and waves of thoughts,
always attacking me.
I fear one day, I might drown.
173 · Jul 2017
Satan's Stars
Madeline Killeen Jul 2017
they really do seem
like windows to heaven,
maybe that's the trick

once we get too close
we see they are nothing more than
fire and heat, scorching
anyone in their path

perhaps they are
portraits of Hell
put there by the devil
to tempt us

the dark side
can be so beautiful,
but it burns.
171 · May 2017
A Day in the Life
Madeline Killeen May 2017
Rise. Stretch your limbs. Let them crack. Ease them into the new day. New day. Freshen your eyes. Let them see. New day. Beautiful day. A good day. Put on your face. Fix your hair. Smile, smile. New day. Same you. Dress. There, a new you. Leave, go. School, work. Smile, say hi. Don’t keep to yourself. Other people make you happy. Remember? Drink coffee that helps. Eat, don’t forget to eat. Try to learn, you like learning. Now, dance. Let your limbs move. Let them feel. Let them be free. Then shower. Wash away the day. The meaningless minutes. The empty hellos. Now, lie down. Rest. Wasn’t that a good day? Sleep. Tomorrow, will be exactly the same.
169 · Feb 2018
Madeline Killeen Feb 2018
I do not think home is a yellow house on a plain street.
I do not think home is the people in it either.
I do not think home is a town, or state, or country.
I do not think home is another person.
Home is not a building.
Home is not land.
Home is not them.
None of these things, are permanent.
Buildings fall,
Land dissapears,
People leave.
Home is not now, home is always.
Never leaving.
Home is a person. One person.
You. Yourself.
You are your own home.
Love it with everything you have.
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