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Sep 2016 · 736
Have you seen them?
Macstoire Sep 2016
Have you seen the wombat?
He's chewing on the grass
We wanders around the camp posts
Using them to scratch his ****

Have you seen the wallaby?
They're right outside the door
Don't mind to have an audience
Whilst they graze upon the floor

Have you seen the padimelon?
She's outside amongst the bush
With her baby in her pouch
You can watch them if you shush

Have you seen the possum
And heard them heard them have their fight?
There're out there causing trouble
They'll be playing by the night

Have you seen the humans?
All wrapped up nice and dry
They think they live in nature
But to nature this is a lie!
On the Overland Track, Tasmania, Aus
11th March 2016
Sep 2016 · 510
Fly in Eye
Macstoire Sep 2016
There's a fly in my eye
But inside he waits to die
There's a fly in my ear
But yet inside he wonders
Will he live another year?
There's a fly up my nose
But he has not enough time
To watch his grandchildren grow
All these flies in my hair
I'm not sure I even care
Flies all over me
But I'm here because I'm free
He's here because he's dying
But slowly slowly dying
Watching his body fail him
Function leaving limb by limb
He doesn't even know about the flies
Not anymore
Because he doesn't go outside
No his life is best inside
Whilst it's still with him
Which is why he waits
For it to end
November 2015
Sep 2016 · 316
Counting the Trees
Macstoire Sep 2016
I wish I could count the trees
Right here in front of me
Tree upon tree upon tree
How many just baffles me
28th November 2015
Pemberton, WA, Australia
Sep 2016 · 238
Birthday Celebrations?
Macstoire Sep 2016
It's your birthday
And you've not hit the hey
Yippee, horay?
Shall we celebrate?
But no
Not with cake
Not now
Or again ever for you
So should we really be cheering?
For John Macdonald on his 70th birthday, after 8 years suffering with MND.
R.I.P. you wonderful inspiring man
Macstoire Sep 2016
These two aches of mine
Need not be felt
But dare to distort my vision
Removing all rationality
So I'm squirming in angst
And inane anger for even trivia

I'm boiling in bitterness
As they curdle pananoia
And brew me with tension
Tainting me with madness
My thoughts can't be trusted for now
And I've no time for trusting

So stay safely away
Or be wise to forget
To remember me today
Or for the next few
For these bggers haunt me
And steal sense and reason

Leaking all logic away
I'm punished by my own fertility
So try desperately to hold strength
And let it be known no offence meant
I but bleed bitchiness
But believe me it's not me

Excuse not made fairly
But these b
stards don't play fair
So know for now
I know I'm beyond difficult
And in temporary madness
But at least my womb works
3rd November
Sep 2016 · 193
Last Words
Macstoire Sep 2016
Those words he spoke
Were his last
Not for now
It is my unfortunate privilege
To be the first to hear
Given to me before time
The time being
Once he is dead

His hands have failed
So he shares me his tongue
Whilst it hangs on
We should never have met
But now I am his accessory
So he gives me honesty
Breaks me his fears
Confesses his feelings
Not for me
I am just a stranger
A stranger he needs
So to give his family
His last chance of love
26th November 2015
For a man long time suffering with MND who I cared for until his last day
Sep 2016 · 676
Love Never Dies
Macstoire Sep 2016
Love like this is living
And she lives to comfort him
To reach his each and every need
As his disease steals his motion
He looses his life slowly
So she sweats beeds for him
No more can he move enough to sweat himself
She's doubled hers instead
And she would double it again
Her life is lived for him
And his is thanks to her
Their life will never be the same again
But they live today
And so today she will wash him
Tend his aches, heal his skin
Massage his feet, give his nails a trim
All with a gentle touch of passion
She caresses him with admiration
On each parting she expels desire for him
And kisses him with adoration
She will break her back for him if she has to
And when he feels the pain
She will wipe his tears away
And she need not say a thing
Because their minds read the same
She holds herself as strong as she holds him
And meanwhile he keeps his humour
He does all he can
Now all he has left is to love
But with love this strong
He will live on
And on
5th November 2015
For Jenny Macdonald. An ever faithful, committed and inspiring wife to John.
Sep 2016 · 350
Not so nice now
Macstoire Sep 2016
Not so nice now
The world turned upside down
When he left us
Feels like is span quickly
Since he passed
I've less to do
But more happening
No responsibility
Only own good will
But enough of that
To always be busy
R.I.P. John Macdonald
9/12/45 - 9/1/16
Sep 2016 · 231
Pack and Move on
Macstoire Sep 2016
I have packed my bags
But not moved on
It's been two months
Since you've been gone
I've moved away
Fled some miles
Made some distance
Crossed some states
But not yet
Have I moved on
Sep 2016 · 312
Passing the Pacific
Macstoire Sep 2016
Leaving this land that leant me so kindly
And ahead another adventure awaits
Commencing the great ocean crossing
On Bindy Too as Captains first mate

My morning rises early without meaning
Tide tells us when to take Tara
We sail away soon after Seagoon
On our journey across ocean afar

Crossing reef into waters deep
I take a last look at land
And the swell soon sends me sleep
So now life is in the Captains hands

And enters the evening
Not a vessel in sight
Just us and the albatross
On a star filled night

Poor Crash’s tummy tumbles
But she makes friends with the fur
And together they rest outside
Hope for horizon to heel her

By morning land has long left us
Watching the waves and waiting for whale
We’re cruising gently on course
And trawling to feed our tail

But all for no avail
There’s not a tease of a bite
On our own ocean so deep
Yet there’s no fish in sight

We declare the sea broken
Although it treats us quite well
For the motions mostly mild
With a pleasant Pacific swell

The wind’s in our favour
Sometimes we slow by the tide
But the sail is quite simple
So we can rest through the ride

Thankful to take sleep
Our other options are few
Read, write and watch films
Is all we can do

There’s a strong sense of adventure
In all actions of daily life
Approached at an angle with motion
Sometimes to stand takes some strife

On a back-step bathroom adventure
We look down to our death
And to cook in the kitchen
Bashes bruises-front, back, right and left

But after days of rocking
Of these tasks we are tired
And Captains left wondering
Who are these horizontals he hired?

With a whinge and moan
Mainly in jokes and jest
There’s no strike from daily dancing
But Captains diet takes test

The wind picks up force
And gives us some speed
We reduce sail accordingly
To rush, we’ve no need

With the swell meeting squall
The boats motion is much more
Things are crashing and falling
And so we sleep on the floor

So we’re all glad to speak
Of the end that is near
To stand straight and see land
Have a meal with a beer

And so six days later
I wake for sunrise with a smile
Though not quite within vision
We will soon see our Isle

Sure enough within hours
Our destination is seen
Remotely idyllic islands
It looks like a dream

And now within radio range
Comes the voice of our friend
For a course through the coral
His guide he offers to lend

As we take our approach
We cast out a line
And catch Jobfish for dinner
This moment is sublime

Once we’ve dealt with our catch
We take caution through reef
And drop our anchor at bay
With a huge sigh of relief

Time now for a coffee
Served at 90 degrees
In a dream destination
Now everyone’s pleased
Crossing the Pacific Ocean in a 44ft Steal Ketch from Cairns to Papau New Ginea
Sep 2015 · 179
Miles from me
Macstoire Sep 2015
Miles from me
Yet here
In my heart
So you see
I'm yours

Will you wait?
For us
So we will be
True Together
Forever free?
Kingsteignton, Devon, UK
June 2015
Macstoire Sep 2015
Starting so sadly
Sights for a stable future stopped right there
He drank his way through delivering the devastation
And argued a point already acknowledged
Can't convince a none believer love conquers all
So started this day setting off a lone sole
As his sun sank down upon us

But yet here it was beginning
And at sunrise came new friendships
Short, but sweet and still special
Though only temporary whilst in transit
These friends are family for now
And as one we start a long journey down
Looking on toward the burning outback

A warm welcome wakes from heartbreak
And group games give grief no time
Then together truths are told
So comes caring comfort and consideration
For future now given here a while
It's impossible not to smile
With new hopes on the horizon

Journey joins natural beauty
Arriving at more falls filling a vast pool
And soon we're swimming in joy
So pleased to play in the cool croc waters
Our fears evaporated by burning sun
Together we make more juvenile fun
So time takes our morning quickly

Further through the driving distance
Meets our afternoon adventure
We paddle a slow pace apon the water
Struggling to be straight or strong enough
Doubling our distance with a wiggle
But yet doubled over in fits of giggles
And in awe of the gorge that surrounds

So triumph of well worked muscles
Deserves a reward breaking detox
And cold cider greets an evening eagerly
When we are welcomed by domestic upgrade
Mood excels excitement and we relish delight
We enjoy each other with games by night
And sleep soundly in our private pods

So the woes woken to were weakened
Suppressed by splendid surroundings
And complete comfort of new company
Displaced by new excitement of decisions
Though still sinking in grief
Minds worries have relief
And at sunrise a lone adventure begins
Katherine, Nitmiluk National Park, NT, Australia
September 2015
Sep 2015 · 600
Sleeping under the stars
Macstoire Sep 2015
Sleeping under the stars tonight
Yet feel hotter than the sun
Not brave to face the elements
There's insects on the run

There's spiders in the tents already
And gecko climbing up the wall
The toilets full of frog friends
So will I sleep at all?

Lay awake with the wallabies
By darkness they hop near
I quite enjoy this company
They're not the ones I fear

It's not even snakes or red-backs
To see them here is rare
What's bugging me tonight
Mosquito sound everywhere

Cocooned safely inside my furnace
Listening to sounds of night
Crickets, frogs and rustling leaves
Life heard but out of sight

But it's not all lost in darkness
There's movement I can see
Above me large wings shadow
Bats flapping in mango tree

So instead of hope for sleep just now
I watch the starry night above
And I know no matter all the pests
This whole thing I just love
Somewhere between Darwin and Alice Springs, NT, Australia
September 2015
Sep 2015 · 341
Dox Bird
Macstoire Sep 2015
Have you heard
Of ol' Dox Bird?
If not then go and find him!
He'll make you laugh
He'll make you think
He's sure to get you singing
All he knows he'll give you
All he has he'll share
He's a man
Does all he can
To make your life be winning
For a fantastic couch surfing host
Cairns, QLD, Australia
Sep 2015 · 220
Macstoire Sep 2015
Nothing but nothing but nothing but trees
Nothing but nothing but sand
So how much more can there be?
Of nothing but nothing but more

For miles and miles and miles we've been
Miles of nothing and nothing for miles
Driving for days to reach the rock
And nothing's the best that we've seen
Somewhere between a Darwin and Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
September 2015
Sep 2015 · 332
Outback over Outback
Macstoire Sep 2015
Gorge after gorge
But never bored
You cannot disappoint me

Tree upon tree
In the desert land
Your vegetation surprised me

Rock beside rock
Oh what sights
And climbs you gave me

Creek after creek
And never crocs
For swims shared with me

Spring beyond spring
A natural heat
How you relaxed me

Roo more roo
I'll never tire
You bounce entertains me

Birds and birds
More than I'd heard
Your variety amazes me

Dust upon dust
In the wind blows
Your mark is left on me
Alice Springs, Australia
September 2015
Sep 2015 · 311
Don't forget
Macstoire Sep 2015
I've not forgotten
Your sound so playful
When your fingers own the keys
And their touch teases me
I still hold your weathered hands
Cherish the break they give to me
And I see your smile daily
The gaze of your colour confused eyes
Great me when I wake still
So hug me tight like ever
And a world wide cuddle
Will reach me
So long as you believe
Even with my wings spread
I am yours
Before the heartbreak
Cairns, Australia
August 2015
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
Outback Love
Macstoire Sep 2015
Oh the outback what you've shown me
Uluru is but one piece discovered
This is raw and the real Australia
Beauty here is vast and wide
And wildlife is richer than the people
Culture is purely in abundance
Knowledge of aboriginal tradition is shared

Landscaped variety of same stretched desert
Once changed the view is most dramatic
Visions of geological change in earths' history
Each day makes me want more
Alice Springs, Australia
September 2015
Sep 2015 · 167
Macstoire Sep 2015
If I hadn't had to go
You may have opened
If you had not had ambition
You may have joined me
But I may not have felt it
If you could be stronger
We could try our best
But if it's just me trying
It won't work
If I came home for you
Your pressure would grow
If we carried on
You'd miss me
I'd miss you
But not forever
If you joined me
We could have our adventure
If you wanted me more
If it's the end
We'll miss each other
Just for longer
With added pain
If I could convince you
To believe
It would be different
But it shouldn't take convincing
You should know
No matter if I'm here
Or if you're there
I'm worth waiting for
If not
You're right
It's over
Sorry for more heartbreak
September 2015
Sep 2015 · 813
Once upon a mealtime
Macstoire Sep 2015
Once upon a mealtime
When salt had gone away
He had left in such a hurry
And with no sub to work his day

Poor pepper started panicking
Mostly missing his dear mate
But also with a worry
If he alone would taste so great

So he soon sent out a message
To all the pots upon the shelf
'Partner needed quickly,
I can't dust dinner by myself'

So suddenly came rescue
In fact response was vast
The rest of all the condiments
Took triumph for him fast

First of course came ketchup
So used to being shared
But pepper didn't quite believe
That they would be best paired

Then came Mr Mayo
With a winning stance he stood
But too eager for the winning
Pepper didn't think him good

In butted boisterous barbecue
Believing there was no other
Unless there could be any left
Of his favourite sweet chilli brother

But pepper wanted neither
For he cared about this dish
And they came in heavy servings
Which wouldn't be salts wish

Still with plenty choice left
He looked upon his friends
Mustards, chutneys and pickles
Fine flavours they'd all lend

But then he heard herbs and spices
Who were giving a loud shout
'If you want salt not to be needed
Then you'd best not leave us out!'

This quickly made him realise
That the best friends he could make
Would come not squeezed all over
But served with a gentle shake

So he rounded up the shakers
But he wouldn't work them all
'You're right you'll help me nicely
But who mostly? It's your call'

The chilli taking charge of things
Addressed pepper with this test
'Well what is this dish we're warming
And we'll tell you what works best?!'

When they looked upon the oven hob
They saw mix of veg and meat
Chopped finely and frying in a pan
Slowly taking up the heat

So suddenly they knew now
Who would win the role to take
Cajun and paprika
A fine taste they surely make

So shaked upon the cooking
It was served with a success
No one need ever know
That peppers day had been a mess

So later in the evening
When salt stumbled his way home
His apologies were heartfelt
'I'll never leave you all alone'

But pepper soon forgave him
He said 'there, there, it's ok'
For now he knew the secret
Of how to cook in the best way
August 2015
Sep 2015 · 222
Cloud me
Macstoire Sep 2015
So soft and squishy
I'm invited
To roll you
Make angels in your comfort
And stretch out softly

But not so nicely
You'd land me
Fall right through
Freeze on route
And have crash landing

So spoilt with space
You cloud me
Drowned with choice
And deluded by opportunity
Stay grounded to survive
August 2015, somewhere in the air between Brisbane and Cairns
Sep 2015 · 435
Macstoire Sep 2015
Can't be here and there
Not if we don't try
Can't even correlate time
Not now can anything be together
Whilst you hold that thought
You lost me before you let me in
So you can't carry my weight anymore
Or choose to spend your strength elsewhere
So sure for self security
That you can't counterbalance love
But can't hold distance practically
Needs nurture and patience
So if this future you speak of
Has any hope for us
It needs to be wanted
Needs to know it's worth waiting for
And to accomplish compromise
But whilst your mind's yours
I can't make a non-believer believe
September 2015
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
Love knows no distance
Macstoire Sep 2015
Each on a lone adventure
Their holidays collided then combined
So shared special self-made memories
And as fate became their destination
Their destiny took the challenge of distance

He ambled along his adventure
And she journeyed her way home
But the tingling of their meeting lingered
And their shared smiles shadowed their thoughts
Now love was stretched, but strengthened by distance

So when he had more time on her side
They were both soon willing to give it a try
Soon sinking so deeply in love
It was now their connection thrived
Only he was at a distance

Then they shared almighty adventure
Together their traveling passion took them afar
So far, for him this time she stretched out
And in his land they rested
Love had taken them the distance

Encountering an exciting diversion
They were soon gifted with new life
And with this charming commitment
Came a decision of destination
Whose pathway would take the distance?

Back upon the other side they settled
But this time it was to become theirs
And once harbored in a happy home
Their lives expanded and more family was grown
Now with no worries of distance

So for her he did relocate
And for him her family she gave
But he need not move on or away
For as their relationship has shown
Love knows no distance
For my brothers wedding on August 9th 2015
Dec 2014 · 396
Whiskey warm face
Macstoire Dec 2014
With a whiskey warm face
I hope to conquer cold
But it beat me
And winter took its' toll
So here I shiver
With hot toddy in my hold
Slowly getting drunker
It's chilly
But I feel bold
25 November 2014
Dec 2014 · 266
Macstoire Dec 2014
I want it but I can't, shouldn't, won't
I need it but it's gone, lost, off
I must have it now but something stops me
Stops me, blocks me, lost me
I am stopped
It is off
Full stop

13 June 2014
Macstoire Dec 2014
We're all going on a summer holiday
But nowhere near hot sun
Somewhere so priced high
We've bags stacked with snacks
And dutys full limit of ***
There's Norway we can afjord this otherwise

11 June 2014
Dec 2014 · 334
Nocturnal Living
Macstoire Dec 2014
Sun's up yet still not out of bed
Not till tonight will I rise
For nocturnal living took its' toll
And I find myself not living in the day
And not knowing a life of sleep
No not today will I wake in time for light
I'm not now able to realign my wake pattern
When day turns to night I start earning
And when dark turns light I go to sleep
So now I not know on which day I wake
But I need not know
For each nights work is same routine

November 22nd 2014
Dec 2014 · 324
No moment is silent
Macstoire Dec 2014
Have you heard her?
No sound of silence here
Her hiss lost me miles ago
Miles ago across the ocean
Since sounds mouth masked her
He hums and hoons above
Her serenity stolen
And replaced with raucous activity
On rims edge of a row
Silence doesn't get a sound in
And we are pondering pleasantries
So to keep things at peace
12th June 2014
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
Itching numbness
Macstoire Dec 2014
So scratchy I'm squirming
By the sound of your insescent itch
I lay irritated and feeling involved
With the insescent tickle on your torso
As if it were my own skin crawling
With an irritant I can't eradicate
But insist on trying
So still scratching Insescently
I struggle to scratch the itch of numbness
And lay listening to your insistence to persist

Bed bunk sharing with a good friend who has been bitten from head to toe, Norway June 2014
Dec 2014 · 1.9k
Girl Flu
Macstoire Dec 2014
Sat here feeling sorry for myself
Like a girl's got flu
Though I've had the jab
So this cannot be true

Now the embers flake
Because I'm burnt at both ends
I lie looking for sympathy
And some kind of mend

So pity me please
It hurts and it aches
My sinuses hate me
This flu is not fake

November 25th 2014
Dec 2014 · 264
Dreaming wake?
Macstoire Dec 2014
Breathing deeply
Or sleeping slightly
Lazy as this room
So who knows?
If he is dreaming
Or his mind is steaming
On exhale
Bunk bed sharing with a good friend in Norway, June 2014
Macstoire Dec 2014
Once upon a Christmas Eve
When his work was nearly nigh
Santa had a tantrum
And threw his presents to the sky

His reindeer started rioting
Unnerved from all the stress
And poor old Mrs Santa
Stood witness to the mess

"My love, please, what is happening?
Think clearly with your head
We've not got time to waste now
Kids wait you from their beds"

So Santa stopped and listened
He knew he hadn't time
"But dear, you see I'm starving
And I'm gasping for some wine"

So simple was the problem
He'd soon be his fine self
They called for pie and beverage
From their ever trusting elf

The elf he soon delivered
And even brought his friends
As word spread of presents fumbled
So they knew they'd need to mend

And thus commenced a workshop
To fix a trick and more
The elves they fixed the presents
To take the impact of the floor

So thankful for the time save
Santa loaded up his sleigh
He hearded up the reindeer
They were fed then on their way

Now dashing through the darkness
On his journey through the sky
Santa soon delivered gifts
They were thrown from way up high

With the magic of the elves touch
They would land in their right place
Because thanks to Santas tantrum
This years Christmas was a race

So then parents starting rousing
Not knowing what to think
"Is it really raining presents
Or did we have too much to drink?"

The children sleeping soundly
Heard the presents on their way
So they woke up with excitement
"Yipee, it's Christmas Day!"

Luckily for Santa
It all worked out to be fine
But Mrs Santa knew for next year
To keep him topped up with some wine!
Dec 2014 · 683
My Christmas Pie
Macstoire Dec 2014
I saved a little bit of Christmas
The best bit
The nice cosy warm bit
I kept it up my sleeve
And caressed it so it stayed
Then I took it home and cooked it
Cooked it in a pie
A really tasty pie
With currants all soaked in romance
Held in a strong hug of gold
And glazed with excitement
Then my pie needed spicing
Just lightly
For Christmas is spice enough
Dusty spiced affection
And a pinch of honesty
Sprinkled on as snow
That's how I made it
My Christmas pie
It just needs some patience
To warm all hot and crispy

Then would you like a piece?
For someone special
18th December 2014
Sep 2014 · 338
Little by little
Macstoire Sep 2014
Little by little we thought we’d wait
But you’d sooner a grand entrance to make
Even before Mummy took maternity break
Yes you came little
It gave Daddy the shakes!
So little man
You’re already here
So everything’s smaller
Your toes to your ears
Your little legs kick
And your little lungs we hear
Little but perfect
And one thing is clear
Your love is not little
Oh no It’s not!
There’s many of us love you
And we love a lot!
For Isaac Hutchinson. Born 31st July 2014
Sep 2014 · 567
Fluffy no more
Macstoire Sep 2014
Fluffy for what you are we wait
And we’ll wait for you need not come with haste
Now but a bump to hide mummy’s toes
Yet you’re more than that Fluffy
Inside much more of you grows
A whole little person
Little boy or a girl
That we don’t really need to know
So long as you’re safe and sound
And Mummy’s face still glows
We trust you Fluffy
You’ll come with hands, feet and toes
It’ll all just be smaller
From your knees to your nose
Little learnt lungs and happy heart we hope
We’re sure when you come it’ll all be just so
You’ve had the time to get it right it right
As this started some nine months ago
So we’ve waited until you push and kick
And now you can begin your fight
Because little Fluffy the time has come
In fact it’s late Mummy feels your hics
But now you’re here oh so quick
So hello there little man
Welcome to the world
You’ve joined us in our land
And came perfect-
Face, feets and hands
So hello little man
Our little Magnus
You’re Fluffy no more
For my Nephew, Magnus Maclean. Born August 15th, 2014
Jun 2014 · 338
First Time
Macstoire Jun 2014
Miss a few
Ninety Nine
One Thousand
Words till we meet
Well twice that
Then you come to me
To my new place
Makes my nerves race
You’re new to my bed
But already in my head
And in my thoughts
So I hope not to be a bore
I’ve not before
When we’ve met outside
So why do I now need *****
To keep the nerves inside
I need not hide
You know me
Well at least more than he
Who last I shared
But that’s the point
This time I care
Wednesday 19th March 2014
Jun 2014 · 597
Macstoire Jun 2014
Can it really really be
That now you have reached three?
So some little mean fairy flew down
And stole a ton of time from me
For it feels just days gone by
Since you were only wee
But not now
Now you are three!
So I think that that mean fairy
Has a wish in debt to me
And now I need to think
Of what that wish should be?
I know what I would wish
If she could be more magically
I would wish that today
I would be in your company
But this can not be just now
So instead I wish a wish
That on this day that you turn three
For your whole third birthday
You are so very very happy!
For my not so little neice on the other side of the world who is growing up far too quickly. For her third birthday on 31st May 2014
Jun 2014 · 585
Macstoire Jun 2014
What a small number
But now that's what you are
One is so tiny
Yet you've come on so far
You're one now
And you smile, laugh, sing
Make footsteps, eat curry
But spill food on your chin
But that's ok
because you're still just one
And one is small
So you can cry, **** and sleep
Even though you grew so tall
So be one
Be small
And be tiny
Please make it last
For you're growing up really
Oh so fast
For my lovely little neice who is growing up too quickly from too far away. For her first birthday on June 5th 2014
May 2014 · 728
Bite Sized Europe
Macstoire May 2014
Wheeling our way around the continent
On an eight wheeled whistlestop tour
We sample cities with bite-sized sightings
But our bites are big because it's our choice to make
Walking in wonder until even wheelchair weakens
And our legs are limp from exploratory ache

And our bites are big because also
We share the same love of sampling food
So we get a daily dose of deliciousness
Healing our hunger with what locals bake
Too much temptation here to watch waistlines
We want to try every traditional taste

And our bites are bigger come tea time
Once we've crossed country again by day
From breakfast we watch out the window
And wander new place on the way
Miles mounting high on the dashboard
On our mission for mobility's sake

And so we've had a big bite of Europe
Big bite and plenty bites each day
These bites are teasing our tastebuds
We want more world at a later stage

Our SMAll Adventure
16th May 2014
May 2014 · 409
Quit It
Macstoire May 2014
Leave my dreams please
Give me back my smile
Your ache lingers
It's with me all the while
I won't deny the distance
But I can't deny the facts
What you've stripped away from me
I know you'd rather give right back
You've hurt me with a purpose
But the purpose is a fail
If you won't be there to hear this
Then I'll just be living hell
So back off from my memory
If you really must insist
Or I'm doomed in my own hopelessness
Whilst this gap you've caused persists
The problem is I'm stuck now
You can't erase my mind
But that is not the remedy
It's your hope we need to find
For I am still believing
I know it's me you need
I just hope you're not too stubborn
So our friend fate can take the lead
16th May 2014
May 2014 · 658
World Slouching
Macstoire May 2014
When the world became mine
My sit became a slouch
There was no tough and taxing
Just reclining and relaxing
I found freedom to live the world my way
Feet up and thoughtful
Adventurous and sociable
Could chose who to be each day

May 2014 · 1.3k
Macstoire May 2014
That's a sad story over there
Hand held tightly in her hair
Last night hanging on
And she's hanging
Hanging onto the pain
Wanting it to go away
But suffering all the same

May 2014 · 928
Macstoire May 2014
Lust like jelly inside
Wibble wobble when we touch
When your hand brushes mine
A lost feeling
One I can't decide
Losing myself
But not so refined
Myself plus more
Contentment when with you
When we're entwined

But for fear of disapointment
Too much too soon
Someone only just knew
Yet feels right
Enough now for me
This the same for you?
Let us brew
Let us wait this jelly
And see what can be grew

March 14th 2014
May 2014 · 633
Honey Dining
Macstoire May 2014
Breakfast salt served with honey on
Is a surprising treat to my tastebuds
So I'm looking forward to lunch
When honey hits the spot so perfectly
Who thought meat would take it so well?
So tough choice to make come tea
With what to take this condiment?
It's too versatile
All I know is
Tea will be served sweet

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. December 2013
May 2014 · 337
Come Back
Macstoire May 2014
Possessed with a pain like no other
Rationality decays
And i'm dying from the inside
Like acid in my throat
It's a gag that I can't hold
Sickness spread beyond my stomach
Overtakes my veins
It lives me here
So each breath hurts

I'm yearning that you take the pain
Yearning that you come back to me
Come back to me
Else take me down with the plane

February 28th 2014
May 2014 · 1.2k
Living the Cliche
Macstoire May 2014
Living the dream and living the cliche
On route around the world
Ticking boxes off the bucket list
And collecting souvenirs
A poncho in Peru
Bag in Bolivia
Charm in Chile
Amber skin in Australia
A tatoo in Thailand
And bandaged bruises in Bangkok
Living in the moment
Helped me do it all

In the sky en route home. January 30 2014
May 2014 · 312
Bush Family
Macstoire May 2014
It took a ten point turn with a trailer to get here
But after ringing roses around each other
Around and around the bends of the bush
The reasons why were made so clearly
When we were to make new home
Our shaded shelter to save us scorching
And within walking reach of tide
And so we commence a life sublime
Home upon wheels erects so shortly
And the best help I can give
Is to sit here and enjoy myself
Tough life felt as freedom repeats in my ears
My bush family treating them to their sublime sounds
Though denying my withdrawal we do Ron Ronnie
And so I punish my lungs
But please myself
With beverage we watch the waves curling
And the sun sinking
Reclined on a hot stone seat
Simply living out life's treats
Then suddenly Sara felt the southernly
And so wine tasting moved back home
Where divine racks so generously shared
And we talk allsorts until the stars are shown
Next day spent content in my own aura
Deciding where best to be idol
As there's no effort in anything here
Later hearts are opened upon the rocks
Whilst we fathom full year risen
But with no known destination
A wondering quarry of confusion
But not now to disturb us greatly
For now we are too content to much care

Black Point, WA, Australia. January 2014
Mar 2014 · 347
Macstoire Mar 2014
I broke my promise
Not to love again
So now I've lost my logic
Taken when you trampled me
Blinded by pain I can't see sense
The ache takes my breath away
And I'm not so sure I need it
For my minds too messed up
I'm broken because I'm still believing
Knowing your lips are lying
With no shield to your eyes
They say it all to me
Yet not enough from there
Pushed away but no further from you
Waiting with hope to switch off
Then wishing not to love again
For this I'm too fragile
28th Decemeber 2013
Mar 2014 · 559
Macstoire Mar 2014
Gives me cake
Of the homemade kind.
We make the cake
It all depends
On how she shakes.
It’s so bad she can not move
She can not talk. Only cry
It’s painful, distressing, morbid and weary
It makes her wish to die
And then
Other times
We bake
We clean
She is back to
Her role as wife.
You wouldn’t know
She hates life
For the first person I ever cared for. Betty, 70 years old suffering with Parkinsons disease. 18th June 2009
Mar 2014 · 671
A bundle loved from afar
Macstoire Mar 2014
You bundled into our lives from a land far away
But it didn’t make it any less special
You’re ours to celebrate

You’re a perfect little tot popped out a most beautiful being
So how could we love you any less?
That’s just not

And just because you’re far out there
So some things we’ll suffer not to share
It doesn’t mean that we any less care
No way

So long as now and then
We meet on Skype time again
I hope you’ll know I’m me
Your Auntie Kirsty
She or Orange and a little crazy
But no less part of your loving family

The part that’s all the way over here
Too far, not at all near
Yet still loving you more each year
As we watch you grow from far away
Waiting for the day when with you we’ll get to play
With anything

For I’ll play with whatever you enjoy
And whether that’s a toy
Or imagination
I promise we’ll have loads of fun
Be that in our cold or in your sun

You see you get the best of both
Given by your Mum and Dad
The world is yours to be had
On both its’ sides you’ve heaps of love

Only difference is
At this end it calls a need for gloves
For my second neice, Samantha. Born June 5th 2013
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