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m X c May 2021
oh man, you don't know how it feels.
to just look at your eyes
and I can see the world

the moment you look back
and feels like, ohhh ****!
please earth, swallow me up right now!

and here comes the magic man
that took my attention out of you,
but few second pass got the magic.

cut that crap out,
your magic that took me
1 year to get it.

feels genuine but f*cked.
m X c Dec 2020
It will always be there.
Everyone can see it
But I guess
You are blind
To not see it.
m X c Nov 2020
One wrong move
And you will die.

-my inner soul.
m X c Oct 2020
but I'm trying to disappear
I'm breathing blades
I'm bleeding
No one's looking
I'm screaming
No one's listening
I'm trying to disappear
and I'm in pain
My Bad
I'm invisible.
I'm not trying to hide
It is just hard to show
when you know
they are blind
they are blind when I showed.
m X c Oct 2020
I’m tired of almost
Be my sure thing I ever have.
m X c Sep 2020
I'm almost there
I don't know how
why, what I'm still going
I'm almost there
I'm not running
I'm not walking
But I'm still moving
and it's turning blur
all around feels painless
it's getting cold
I'm awake
and I'm drowning.
I'm almost there
don't cry
smile, please be happy
coz I'm almost there
and I'm Happy.
m X c Sep 2020
you cannot scape
in this world that
called MIND.
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