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Imran Islam Aug 2023
The sky is filled with clouds,
a soft drizzle graces the outside.
I await your return,
Should you walk back to my side,
in this gentle rain.

I miss you,
I miss your damp scent.
I want you,
I want you once more,
in this light rain.

Do you still relish the raindrops
as you did before?
Do you still dance barefoot
in the monsoon rain?

I couldn't forget those rainy days
when I found your love,
I still remember your rain-kissed face,
how shy you were...
Today, I drew you once again!
Imran Islam Jul 2023
I long to draw your smiling face
as the river reflects the moonshine
I would reveal my mind to you
as the bee confides in the flowers

I aspire to bring smiles to your lips
just as the sun brightens the dawn
I just want to be your happiness
like the raindrops to the thirsty forests

I would realize your dreams
and I will give my all to make them happen
I want to be the pathway
that helps reach your desired destination

One day, you will take my roses
and share a smile with me in peace
I yearn for your love
and you know the remedy it brings
Imran Islam Jul 2023
You walk beside me
ignoring my presence
You read others except me
though I write about you!

You hear me every day
but don't care about me
You like others except me
tho you know I love you!

Your silence hurts me deep
with every passing moment
Your pride tears me apart
like a wounded heart!

I miss you in my teardrop
and I love you the same
I am the only crop
who's alive with your name!
Imran Islam Jul 2023
I miss you, I miss my happiness
I miss my life when I was boundless
I miss you, I miss my youthfulness
I miss my past when everything was endless

I am tired, tired of my illnesses
I am tired, tired of this loneliness
My eyes are dry, void of tears;
I am alone, everyone is heartless

I long for the days when I felt beautiful
I long for my dream that was delightful
I miss the smile that brought joy to others;
You all are happy I feel helpless

I miss my kids, I miss my parents
I miss the days when I would meet friends
I am a lonely soul like the prisoners;
Everyone is grown up I am hopeless

I miss you, I miss your memories
I miss you, I miss our love stories
I feel so down, I needed your arms;
Nothing is left to me, I am loveless
Inspired by Kim
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