I have been young but now I’m old,

Life’s incomprehensiveness is manifold.

Circumstances in life is hard to unfold,

Obstacles and difficulties were already foretold.

To wait and to hope for the promises that has been told,

It’s faith of the unseen to you will uphold.

As you continue to tread the perplexing and rocky road,

To stumble and to fall you cannot avoid.

But those bruises you get will turn out to be good,

If after the fall you’re learning the lessons and treasure them like gold.

Just keep on trusting, keep seeking the Lord.

Offer a sacrifice of praise, so that the glory of *** you will behold.

For it’s a sacrifice of praise that will change your attitude,

It’s a sacrifice of praise that will turn upside-down your heart’s mood.

So offer a sacrifice of praise to the Lord.

For our ***, He is so good!

Offer a sacrifice of praise to the Lord.

So that the glory of *** you will behold!
You said you know ***

But why are you sad

If you know Him you must be glad

For He is your powerful dad

To know Him means peace

To know Him means rest

To know Him means wellness

To know Him means goodbye loneliness

So why do you worry

Why do you feel sorry

And why are you lonely

Maybe you don’t really know Him personally

Or maybe you do

But you did not get what you want to

So you question if He really loves you

That’s why your heart is so blue

O my dearest friend

Maybe you need to think again

Maybe to yourself you remain

Though your sins were forgiven and forgotten

To be forgiven means you’ve been set free

To be free means surrendering your life fully

To surrender your life means to trust the Lord completely

And to trust the Lord means to enjoy His peace perfectly

So cheer up!

Look around what you have

You are blessed to have Jesus

You are blessed to have ***
Who could understand this confusing fellow
The rhythm she sings is truly hard to follow
Though there's a better and easy way
She chooses to strum a pattern without a tune or melody

You will never get it
Until you decide to follow her beat
Irritation is what you get
Until you stop and keep quiet

If you want to get the point
Just listen even if you don't like it
For you cannot get in to her mind
By figuring out what's hidden behind

Yes, the best thing you can do is to stop
Stop asking, just stop
Stop thinking, please stop
Stop saying "What's up!"
There are people in every nation

Seeking for an answer of a certain question

A question that will change their destination

If it is answered with a correct explanation

In their minds creeps in a lot of confusion

For the world is giving them different solution

A solution that offers hallucination or delusion

That brings them to eternal condemnation

This is the work of the *** of all lies

Deceiving people with all his alibies

Offering them good things to make them his allies

Yes, fooling ***’s people he is so wise

Sad to know that many got enticed

For all his tactics was not recognized

Because to an angel’s face he disguised

His plan to victimize people was realized

This is a wakeup call to all of us

It’s time to declare to them the name of Jesus

The Word of *** to them we need to discuss

The message of the gospel to them we need to pass

All Christians should be united to destroy the work of the enemy

It could only be done if we offer our lives sacrificially

The lies of Satan will be destroyed utterly

If the name of JESUS is spread to the world widely
Why should I forgive

How can I forgive

If it is not solicited

Nor humbly requested

Unforgiving spirit troubles the mind

Unforgiving spirit makes you blind

You cannot honestly say you are fine

If forgiveness in your heart you cannot find

If only you know

How it harms you

If only you know

How it builds up your sorrow

Bitterness eats up your sweetness

Bitterness steals your happiness

If you cannot offer an unsolicited forgiveness

Then you cannot claim ***’s peace and promises of successes

Don’t say it’s impossible

For *** made Himself as our great example

Unsolicited forgiveness He offered to us

Through His one and only Son Jesus

Unsolicited forgiveness is not asked

It is freely given by those who know ***

O yes, It is a gift

To the shattered heart it’s ready to lift
Forgive for your own sake
I started with nothing

But you’ve taught me everything

Now I feel like crying

For He wants to see me flying

I asked “Do I really have to?”

Then He said “Just go!”

I felt like I don’t want to

But He shook me to let go

My heart cried to stay

But the voice said “Fly away!”

“If you don’t like to miss the opportunity

Then follow Me willingly”

I felt like shaking

But He said “Stop fearing!”

“Just trust Me and start flying

I am here to rescue when you are falling”

So I have to say goodbye

In obedience I have to fly

He wants me to soar high

With the assurance that He is nigh

For *** I will fly

For *** I will try

Though it will make me cry

But to *** I will rely
To whom should I submit

If you don’t ask me to commit

How can I follow

If for you I am not a fellow

What should I obey

If I did not hear any

Why should I stick

If you seem like a *****

Your silence

Shuts down my competence

Your absence

Pushes away my presence

Your coldness

Melts down my warmness

Your judgment

Condemns my commitment

A wanderer I could be

For appropriateness I could not see

Maybe to be bound is not for me

Maybe the One up there is setting me free

Maybe I don’t really have to stay

If it’s the case I am okay

I know with Him I don’t have to worry

For I’m aware that only *** knows the perfect way
Make it plain
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