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Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2016
**** she said
You are a ***** with no batteries
Like a sword with no handle
Then a cup of coffee flew straight
To my left eye
**** she said, you are worthless
That night I went to the store
Beer and mezcal were on my mind
**** she said
I've been looking all over for you
What happened to your eye?
Let me kiss you she said
I left her place this time
Early morning.
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2016
She was not a thousand years ago
Damascus was the first city
Her poets nomads and between worlds
It is rubble now
It is deserted now
The gate between hell's civilized
Syria is rubble ashes and dust
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2016
All death means nothing or at least
Not much
My death, yes mine alone
The bones and flesh
Eaten and polished
Worms flirting with lost knowledge
My bones and an apple tree
Death saw me last night
It will be swift, she said.

I'll miss Street signs
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2016
The mention of a purple eye
Residing in your ****** which awaits
Like a small window resting on my neck
Desires nothing more than all the screams
Of a deserted city after a bomb party
You silenced the almighty reason
With a proper wink and the blessing
Of an accidental discovery
And yet the horns will remain
Guarding the temple of your
Luis Mdáhuar Mar 2016
I never associate the plane with a hammock
The interest of my belly wins over any such
Discussion which might inevitably turn into sorrow
But, and I speak only for the asphalt, will
Innegably show disrespect to the other functions of the brain
Which astonishes me when it wants to sleep or take an independent
through the staircase of your lap
But if your lap denies the welcoming blood
Think of the shadow preserving human thought
And immediately
Imprudently all cities might fall inspite of all false pretexts
                 your leg is the salvation of man and his cubic head
You are me in the belief of nothing but pleasure
Of the heart and eyes, of the polished sword
Of the mighty octopus clinging to your mare
Of a highly anticipated degree of fresh air
Liberty draws attempts to carry all carcasses
Like a candle
Or a pill to sleep.
Luis Mdáhuar Nov 2015
Her forehead listened
To the charge of disdain
Her armpit felt the swift blade
Of an electric urchin
As it descended to earth
Bearing the gift of sight
He then tossed all burden aside
Like the precize encounter
Of a short wave radio and
A breathing dog.
Luis Mdáhuar Aug 2015
The washer of my soul can no longer subside with the idea of having a sleep that dreams of all the members from the machinery of the sandalistic escape from acccaaaaccaaave said the man with the embarrassing look a look created by the style of hiding their embarrassment, but the ridicule lady knew better, embarrassment is for assess who swallow assess before diner and behave like so but when it comes to the destiny of a badly eaten pear not a single soul trembles at the thought of remembering their childhood, because my friends, the pear never decided to be there in the first place.
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