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I woke up to say **** in still here?
Jail, drugs, love and still i made it 20 years.
Two decades lived i still cant even by beer.
So why the excitement for 20 years?

Because the fact I'm still here surprises me.
I beat dope told it to leave me be
At the end of my rope eyes so blackened i couldn't see.
I should be in jail.
But every time id just get out on bail.
To the legal system its a fail.
Cause every time they give me parole
I give them the finger and bail.

On to the next couch looking for a come up.
Stuffed in a little pouch. And then i re-up.
Im just another corner store clerk serving to the public.
It might make you sick
But 20 was a big number i needed help reaching it.
I'm a couch *** with no money.
I want to laugh but there's nothing funny.
and on the plus side they say my fathers heart is beating funny.

I'm looking for that job but there's little opportunity.
I would smile if i had a reason
i would relax but i dont have the luxury.
dad i still need you please to leave me.

i have to many tears to shed
im getting  dehydrated.
im so lonely i cant even get voices in my head.
theres only one. its mine broken and sad
all i do is wish for a bed and pray for my dad
I see her every night.
When its a good dream everything goes right.
But in my night terrors she comes to pull me out of fright.
She is the reason i sleep during the day.
she is my savior through the dark night.

I swear those eyes are surreal
but when i wake that last kiss seemed so real.
when im awake i cant deal.
i want to feel without being afraid to feel.

because she is my dream and she is imagined for me.
hopefully she is more of a premonition.
and we will soon be.
but she is only a dream.
but in my heart she's a maybe :)
We hear the sounds and our bodies react in rhythm
The blind and deaf have mastered its art...
I know its hard to fathom.
that universal power even you can feel it.
music is power. no matter, what even you can wield it
Started with a bowl of blue dreams.
holdin down the smoke with oak heart ***.
feelin like a beach ***.
drunk kickin the sand between my toes.
how many joints ive smoked no one knows.

but im ****** up on this shore
feelin more silly in the dome then pauly shore.
watching the green burn
as the bacardi runs.

good life on my beach.
my swisher is peach
my **** is rich.
my buzz got me feelin like the ****.

**** poetic structure.
im pokin holes in my brain like acupuncture
not quite thrown
my writing is done.
goodnight in gone
Sun sets as the day comes to rest.
just peaking over the hill
it dimly lights the sky
White to pink clouds fill.

dreams of floating on these evening pillows
made of silver lining with no thought of the fall bellow.

On this pink cloud sets the atmosphere
Relaxed layed back
romantic lighting fills my mind here.
Jazz and blues is carried with the winds pushing these clouds.
No worries of fear only beauty to see and hear

But every cloud is different in shape and size
This only the thought of my pink cloud.
everyone has their way to float
What makes you smile and gives you the inspiration.
pink clouds made of temptation.
pink clouds are our own interpritation
whats your pink cloud
If you felt like you were to high to jump wat would be your floatation
I am an east coast drifter
Living from a suite case.
A different couch every week.
I have no proof of address.
not as if i was receiving mail any.
From city to city.
no place to call a home.
but i wouldn't call it a pity

I have met the worst of people.
i have seen the worst of humanity.
but all that is overcome by good.
in my travels i have become overwhelmed by beauty.
I have learned the ambiguity that stirs fear in a man.
only to see his ambitions walk him through the dark unknown world.

I have lived a wonderful life
in some unsavory places.
but in these places i have found our purpose in life.

its struggle to find our way.
its the adventure.
its those nights spent on the couch.
looking for a home that made my life full of adventure.
the wisdom came from those bus rides to the next city.
the love came from those good and bad i met along the way.
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