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Jan 2014
I am an east coast drifter
Living from a suite case.
A different couch every week.
I have no proof of address.
not as if i was receiving mail any.
From city to city.
no place to call a home.
but i wouldn't call it a pity

I have met the worst of people.
i have seen the worst of humanity.
but all that is overcome by good.
in my travels i have become overwhelmed by beauty.
I have learned the ambiguity that stirs fear in a man.
only to see his ambitions walk him through the dark unknown world.

I have lived a wonderful life
in some unsavory places.
but in these places i have found our purpose in life.

its struggle to find our way.
its the adventure.
its those nights spent on the couch.
looking for a home that made my life full of adventure.
the wisdom came from those bus rides to the next city.
the love came from those good and bad i met along the way.
Written by
luis marcus fernandez  tallahasse fl
(tallahasse fl)   
   Lewis-Hugo and Basko
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