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Emma Apr 2021
i’ve done it.
i’ve reached the final stage.
Emma Mar 2021
Everyone has a book.

Every single book is still incomplete until the day that its owner expires.

Some of us have nice, clean books on the outside.
"What a nice book, I bet it hasn't been through too much, it's in such great condition."

Open it.
Go on.

Read their story, will you?
What does it say?

Every book is worth reading.

The most beautiful ones are the saddest ones you will ever read.

Tell me.
What writing lies within your book?
Emma Mar 2021
What a burden I am upon everyone I’ve ever known. And what a gift it is to everyone who has never known.
Emma Mar 2021
how sad.
that i’ve come to know a world—
where i don’t feel as though
i deserve to be loved.
in a world where everyone
deserves to be loved.
Emma Mar 2021
i'm a happy person with a broken soul.
what about it?
Emma Sep 2020
Dragging myself to rock bottom so that I know in confidence, life can't get worse, only better.
Emma Sep 2020
your vices are my virtues.
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