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Emma May 21
darling, why are you trying to find a cure when there’s no disease?
this is the only thing i’m proud of so far that i have written
Emma May 20
if you’re 15-19 and want to make a friend please message me, it would be nice to have a few
i would really love to make some friends
Emma May 20
I can say every word ever created
but it will never mean the same thing
it does to me that it does to you
Emma May 19
"his palms are sweaty
knees weak
arms are heavy
there's ***** on his sweater already
mom's spaghetti"
- Eminem's "Lose Yourself"
Couldn't think of anything to write but this has been stuck in my head for the past 48 hours.
Emma May 19
you aren't alone
this community of hello poetry?
we're a family
we have each other
Emma May 19
it’s funny
the poems that i write
that don’t mean much to me
get more attention
and recognition
than the poems that mean
everything to me
Emma May 19
Maybe it’s the naive teenager part of me but...

I want to dance in your room with only the color LED strip lights on, chill dance music playing, and dancing even though neither of us know how to.
I want to stay up late playing video games together because we always do so much better when we play together.
I wanna drive around mindlessly with you in a car, listening to music, and just be free.
I want to hold you when you’re having a bad day and tell me all about it so that I can tell you all of the good things that you have to make it better.
I want to go camping with you in the middle of nowhere so that nobody can bother us, we can just be our crazy selves together.
I wanna make blanket forts with you and watch movies together.
I want to feel every emotion possible with you.
And I know that you want this too.
That’s the beauty of this.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I knew that the very second that you and I met.
I don’t know how, but my heart met you and whispered “him.” And that was it.
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