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ryann Oct 2014
Rilke whispers to me…sedentary body of rush…heat pushes

out from the head…throat desires chianti and kalamata

open book, eyes look…words creating doorways

empty landscape. behind her mind prisoners break free, slam gates

mossy, tendril-vined romantic escapes. the time to absorb is over

the well is full…scribble, scrawl so fast...body relaxed

making music with the fast clack, clack of her old Olympia

chair thrown back, mad dash to each bookshelf and book stash

hunting for a line to feed her burning imagination…Nag Champa

flowery smoke signals inspire ancient thought…burns down slow

slower still...ashes rot…distant voices creep closer…the black ribbon is drying

words begin to resist the page…door opens...silence is crashed

beautiful stanzas fragment… enters and permeates every room~
love this man
  Oct 2014 ryann
kissed from the heart of the universe
hugged by the arms of the moon
a child sleeps secure in star love
ryann Oct 2014
exploratious exchange of the spirit and brain

happened on a windy, acid aftermath saturday.

like a breeze through a tree

we exchanged our deeper meanings

and you moved me~
ryann Oct 2014
i see a shadow on the wall
it's beautiful
and alone
and that's
ryann Oct 2014
the tick tocks roll swift these days,

200 plus day pages fly away

before i saw how dizzy intense this fall had come down on me, high up i got laid.

my serpentine needs roll and heave

in search of fulfillment

until i reel backwards and stumbling just now noticing, maybe it ain't possible.

unreal needs and possible dreams fill my daytime.

sights set so high, yet i'm still wingless, so needless to say i can't yet fly.

i battle the crazy. i battle the ill

with my trusty tools: a bottle, a shot, a bowl and some pills.

out of my mind time, every night time is what i need to stay alive.

i need to stick around to see what goes down next.

see if this **** gets any better, or see if i can get her any wetter.

cuz, that’s what i really want.

her hot breath washing across my neck, turning on the ignition in my hips, to the tune of our engines we swell and dip.

supple belly...liquid thighs...lips all over my face...melting insides,

she's what i need to stay alive.

i've never had all my senses so high at the same time.

speaking of time, did i mention it's picking up speed?

a cause for celebration and my girl are all i need

to make my moments complete~
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