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Lovelust May 2017
How did I get here,
Why am I so lost,
I can't get back,
But I can't just leave,
And I'm just being pulled back in,
When I really should just leave.
Lovelust May 2017
1 Hour,
Where I could just be me,
No stress,
No restraints,
Just Nachos,
And Garlic Bread.
Lovelust May 2017
When I'm gone,
Will anyone be there,
Will anyone care,
Would they even feel close,
To how I'm feeling right now,
There is an unspoken beauty to death,
There is tranquility,
There is peace,
No more worrying,
No  more problems,
Just silence.
Lovelust Apr 2017
Should I do it again,
Just for the thrill,
That buzz I got last time,
When everything felt so real,
And I felt so alive,
Maybe one last time.
Lovelust Apr 2017
Starting again,
It feels good,
There's something beautiful and exciting,
And if things go wrong I could always,
Start again.
Lovelust Feb 2017
I'm screaming on the inside,
I'm bleeding out from my eyes,
My breath has become heavy,
Gasping for more air,
Did you even care,
Because I've been played,
And you've reached the finish line,
Leaving me weak and alone,
The one person a cared about gone,
You didn't even want to try,
So if you ever read this,
You will know how you made me feel.
Lovelust Feb 2017
A lot can happen in a year,
As this time goes on,
You slowly start to change,
As every encounter,
Gives you a new perspective,
On how you perceive,
The world around you.
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