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LoveDeath Jul 2014
Daggers kiss my heart
Suspended in a trance like coma
Blood rushes to my head flooding the labyrinth
There was no possible exit
Delirium, my imaginary friend
Fails to wake me up
I am drowning yet calm
Falling but flying
Stitches starts to pop underneath flesh
Pure skin ripped off the bone
Trapped in this prison of pleasure
Euphoria courses through my entire anatomy
Tortured by sin, Holy water is my alcohol
The sweet release of passion becomes a vice
My heartbeat pulsating to the metronome
Blood has already traumatized the corneas to the brink if despair
Adrift in paradise.
LoveDeath Jul 2014
Milky waterfalls in my dreams are louder than my thoughts
I don’t mind the shouting water
I find peace in the rapture of infinite weight crashing against the rocks
Doesn’t it remind you of human life?
The sense visit another world swimming throughout thought
Holding hands in amusement
Admiring the true fantasy of a sleepy reality
Honey drips from the fountain
Rain becomes chocolate.
LoveDeath Jul 2014
Another step
Another promise
Cracks on the sidewalks
This continuous walk frees my mind
Slowing time
The environment refined
Anything to forget the daily grind
If the grass is finally green
What does it look like on the other side?
Synchronizing every step
Making sure not to stumble
Leaves on the ground silently humble
People are passing by, not a word being said
Only the wind and calming thoughts in my head
I look at the cement and all of my doubt is dead
Picked up a dandelion
It smiled and told me
Smile for what's ahead.
LoveDeath Jul 2014
The silence of the wind calms my spirit
The sun beaming off of my skin
Feels like a burst of fresh energy
The revitalizing touch of life fills my soul
Drinking from the river
My thoughts are clearer
All of my doubt seems faint
While positivity is the only thing left
Fear is non-existent in my world
Light becomes brighter
All that was meant to be said remains still.
LoveDeath Jul 2014
You are my favorite color, your heart
A diamond in the rough
Stars glimmer from the dazzle
Of your smile, the Moon is our palace
While we salsa on the solar system
Stardust falls off of your body, as I
Speak of comets.
The scent of your breath heaven scent
Twist of fate is in our wine glass
If my heart was to be torn open
It would look like a pomegranate
Magic falls from the sky like the most
Beautiful meteor shower, bathing in
The celebration,tracing our fingers
Through the cosmos, our destiny intertwined
Stitched in the fabric of space, time has no idea
The world has never seemed so big
Satellites orbit our thoughts
We are God's magnum opus.
LoveDeath Apr 2014
Maybe you thought it was better this way. To make me care like I never gave a **** about anything that you did. The flowers I thought had blossomed beautifully have shriveled, So these dead flowers should look just fine.
LoveDeath Apr 2014
Every petal of life
Reminds me of your flower
a sweet temptation
kisses that are sour
lies that are brutal
the laughter you make
brightens my day.
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