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Happiness and sadness begin with a simple understanding of two principles.
Those of which are
uncontrollable and those
of which are for
I stared at a blank white page
Wondering what I should write
I needed words that flowed together and I want the world to understand what I'm trying to say
As I stared at the page I started thought to myself... I should write about love.. I needed words to come out but nothing did
I started thinking about nature but nothing rhymed
I just needed these words to flow but my  mind was blank and so was the page.
The wind flew through her hair and i stood their thinking what is she
Is she a angel that was brought to earth.
I was walking with absolutely no idea what was she
I was wondering do she have wings beneath her own skin
Then all sudden she disappeared..

If im lost
Find me dont ask me if im okay or tell me to come back
The answer will be no
Just sit there with me maybe you will understand why im running away
You will see what draw me to this attention to come to this place and be lonely
Maybe when im ready bring me back
Probably you will get to know me better then my old self
Maybe we will paint our heart together....

Both pain and regret written on your face. It begins with sadness and pain and centers with the death of your late mother only to end with the beginning of a new life, a new start. Come hither darling, let us write this story while I bring you both pen and tea. You don't need friends to fit in, neither peers to impress as well. Come on darling, hold tightly to your tears while you write this story, let the world hear your words.

Trapped in a basement in the darkest recess going through my mind harboring unpectable deeds where they've  been kept safely but those words was bleeding me in the inside. Searching for a light i never seen before i've been holding these dark secrets slowly healing my soul while i continue writing and painting.
I'm made of broken wings
I was an angel that flew for any mortal
But one day love din'd sing
My wings was gone
My tears flew for hours, i played the game love and lost
Had to live in the mortal life
Was it my sins ?
Did i committed a crime?
They say an angel dont sin but was they lying
Did my sins have a strong scent of humanity, but it seems he din'd answer me.
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