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 Apr 2021 Loren C
Lior Gavra
What if life was played in fast forward?
Would you look more, out the window?
See the buildings, the missing trees?
The colors changed, painted in steel?
Focus on folds, beneath your cheeks?
Spend time with the once, called lonely?

What if life was played in reverse?
Would you redo things, differently?
Experience reality?
Change your lack of identity?
Free your mind of not feeling free?
Rethink responsibilities?

What if life was paused?
Would you be doing, what you are doing right now?
What is the first thing that comes to mind?
What about the colors on your brush?
Do you think that they are enough?
Are you still on the right track?

What if life had to be lonely?
Would you use your voice to speak?
Is there a reason to listen?
What rules would you want to create?
Would you understand heartbreak?
Would you bother to hit replay?

Either way we all reach the end.
But we write separate screenplays.
Decide our fate and how we blend.
And how we fast forward our days.

Hopefully we are not the same.
Get to use our voice and listen.
To lose ourselves would be a shame.
Or to move forward, not driven.

Remember, your life is in play.
And should not be thrown away.
 Jan 2014 Loren C
As I watch you sleep, you wonder through vivid dreams,
This must be the reason for your kicking and muted screams.

As you slept, I held you so tightly, even though your naked body excites,
Which is a blessing on cold winter nights.

But as morning creeps in and the light starts to begin,
I create with a tiny lick, the most arousing sensation.

And as her vestigial legs slide so easily, I being the lovers embrace,
Bathing in her ocean of taste, great emotion fills her face.

"Oh, I am sorry sweetie, did I wake".... "oh no my dear, I did not want an oversight,
For a wish or a dream in the night, a touch so softly, there is no fight.

I figured I would stir you in the seeking of a snack,
But don't you worry a little bit, just relax and lay right back

For there is no greater act, then to lick our passionate parts so sweetly,
In between your thighs, while I drive my tongue so deeply.

But what I do with my tongue at midnight, when there is no one around to hear the yells,      
I would go into more detail, but a gentlemen never tells!

— The End —