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jennifer May 2014
I know that I'm running through your veins and causing your heart to race, but its no longer an euphoric sense of excitement. my venom has been stored up in your mind waiting for its release through memories. you sit there and think of me, unaware that you're no longer immune to it, and so it begins to burn through your bloodline and make its way to your beautiful heart, where it will slowly turn it black and cold, an action only reversible by a love that isn't mine
this isn't even a poem and its not my typical writing style, I was just kind of ranting and blabbering so I didn't worry about spacing or anything like that sorry
jennifer May 2014
If you're not the architect
Then you're the demolisher, right?
But what if you're both?
I'm both.

I will build you up high like the worlds greatest skyscraper
And you'll touch God's face and whisper in his ear
Thanking him.
I'll paint you better than Michelangelo would ever
And I'll only place in your interior
The finest jewels and gems.
But then I'll tear you down,
Smash you with a wrecking ball.
Spend years tearing down every wall
Only to leave you with nothing but a foundation,
A cement bottom and empty wooden posts.

I will destroy you without ever meaning to
Because I'm venomous and unaware of it.
I'll leave golden specks in your mind
But bruises on your soul,
I'll make your heart beat
And then I'll tear it apart.
I'm a playful king cobra and I don't know my own strength,
I'll nibble your ear and then release my kiss of death.
I bet you've always wondered why they name natural disasters after people,
And I swear to god after meeting me you'll know.
jennifer May 2014
We craved eachother
But I was bad for you.
You craved my taste
So I cut my lips off.
You craved my smell
So I masked it.
You craved my touch
So I wore mittens.
You craved my voice
So I removed my tongue.
Then I realized you crave my presence
And this craving was killing you slowly,
So I set myself on fire
And let myself burn
So you could crave me no longer.

The devil found my ashes and resurrected me
And like a phoenix I rose,
He said he'd ease your craving and give me life
In exchange for just my soul.
And I went to find you to see if it worked
And it did. You craved me no longer.
But even in this new form,
This newly ressurected body,
There was nothing I wanted more than you
Because somehow my memories
Didn't burn with my skin and flesh.
jennifer Apr 2014
What do you do when your pain killer
Is the thing making you hurt
And its dramatic irony
Because everyone knows it but you?
How do I fix it now?
Because I was chugging down an anti-venom
Only to find out that it was donated
By the fangs that pierced my skin.
What do I do
When theyve locked me up in a padded room
But then I find a way to hurt myself with the cushions?
How do I handle the fact
That the thing that was helping me so much
Was making me go blind
So I couldn't read its warning label?
I was treating you like a ******* medicine
But you turned out to be poison.
jennifer Apr 2014
There's just some people you meet
And they strike you down like lightning
Because they're fascinating
And all you want to do is just know them.
You look at them and sit next to them
And your desire for knowledge about them grows
Because they stun you.
Tell me your favorite color
What you eat for breakfast if you even eat it at all,
Tell me your goals and dreams
Tell me what your parents think of your friends
Do you have parents?
Tell me about the things you do that you're not supposed to.
Tell me about the time you sat in the woods last summer all by yourself
And cried because sometimes you just need to cry
Get close enough that I can see the sunlight glisten off your eyelashes
And tell me about how your mirror shows
The hidden dissapointment that you bury in your eyes.
Tell me how much you hate your smile
But secretly love the way your eyes look in the morning.
Tell me everything at once,
And overwhelm me
Because I swear to god I want to know.
jennifer Apr 2014
Early to bed early to rise
More time to sleep
Less time to cry.
But sleep isn't peace
And peace isn't sleep
Because bed is the place
Nightmares come to me.
They haunt and they taunt
They whisper to me.
Show me the things
I beg not to see
Show me that I'm
What I plead not to be.
Take me away
And poison me gently,
On thousands of pillows
I lay there and suddenly
My mistakes fly over me
And cast me into calm
And then this calamity hits me
And I want to run
But its all so stunning,
So bright and obscure
That I get confused
And go out the wrong door.
What I thought was the way
To forgetting and home
Was the door leading into
My horror struck home.
The fire was leaping
And my sins pushed me out
I fell with a scream
That wouldn't come out.
jennifer Apr 2014
I'm doing it so much
That its not an escape anymore
Its just a routine.
Destroying myself
On the inside and out,
Making it seem
Like I'm in a dream.
Its insane
How my brain
Makes me feel like the pain
Is really just happiness to me.
Going through the motion
Underage but drinking the potion
Because maybe I wish it was poison.
Bliss comes in tablets
And it comes in cuts too
I'm absolutely crazy
But it helps when I'm blue.
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